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Kristen Stewart Movies That You Need to Watch for Brilliant Performance

It’s high time now that we stop relating Kristen Stewart to her all-time high grossing Twilight series. Trust me; there are lots of movies where Kristen proved herself to be an equally talented actress. The days of Twilight are long gone, and now it’s time for appreciating Stewart for the uniquely talented actress that she is, considering her latest movies. So we are here to present you the top 5 Kristen Stewart movies which will prove the above statements and does not include any Twilight series!

5. Panic Room (2002)

Yes, there were days when Twilight did not exist, and there were days when Kristen Stewart proved that is an actress with potential. The film where Stewart played Jodie Foster’s daughter in this anxiety – inducing thriller film could be enjoyed over and over again.

4. Speak (2004)

The still-quite-young Kristen Stewart played the major role in this movie which depicted the real lives of sex assaulted teenage girls trying to deal with the aftermath.

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3. The Messenger (2007)

This horror flick includes great acting skills of Kristen Stewart which proved that she has something in her. A beautiful little horror film where Stewart plays a role of a girl who tries to tell her family what’s wrong with her new haunted house, but no one tried to understand her and ignored her only to unleash the devil at the end. Indeed, one of her best movies.

2. Adventureland (2009)

This was one of her remarkable movies where Kristen Stewart proved that no one could ever nail the specific brand of teen intensity quite like she ever could and that she was totally an asset to that type of energy. Of course, she has much-required energy, but this particular one is simply classic.

1. Clouds of Sils Maria (2014)

Kristen was so freaking good as an ageing actress’ focused assistant in Clouds of Sils Maria that she has been the first American actress to win Frances’ Cesar Award. So there you go, Kristen’s off making history and people are still complaining about little issues like that she runs her hands through her hair too much.

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