Pankaj Sharm | King Panks | CEO/Founder/EditorWassup Celebs strive to deliver entertainment news and in depth researched valuable articles related to Celebrities, Movies, TV Series and Music. This place can be a strong community of fans to talk about their favourite stars, movies, TV shows and music.

I am a fan myself and I would love to connect with all of the fans of entertainment industry under this one roof.

I also want to be helpful to the people who are in need of help by doing the charity work. And we all can do that as a strong community.

Core Message

Delivering crucial information about Celebrities, Movies, TV and Music to the Fans. As well as help the less privileged by our charity work. Here are our mottos.

  • Deliver WOW Through Our Content
  • Never Let Our Community Down
  • Embrace The Change
  • Help The Less Privileged


We want to build a strong community of the fans of Entertainment industry. That includes fans of celebrities, movies, TV series and music. Along the way, we want to help as many less privileged people as we can.