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Allysa Rose Wiki: Mesmerising Truth About Graveyard Carz Star

Allysa Rose the stunning beauty on the Graveyard Carz show has a huge interest in cars since childhood. Allysa was born in 1992. She appeared on the show from 2012-2017 except in 2014.

Updation at the end on December 4, 2017

Graveyard Carz is a show where people do creative stuff with dead muscle cars and make them come to life once again. All the magic is done at a shop in Springfield, Oregon, where muscle cars from the late 1960s-1970s are restored to lovely working conditions.

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Mark Worman is the creator behind this exciting reality tv series, and he’s also the dearest father of the gorgeous Allysa Rose. And she loves her father dearly but just doesn’t like his dance moves.

Allysa’s Father is Behind Her Auto Love

Allysa Rose and Mark Worman Graveyard Carz

Her father was an auto fanatic since childhood, and he started reading the auto magazines at the early age. He even played with car’s inner parts out of curiosity. And as you know, curiosity is the mother of knowledge and invention. That’s how he’s having a tremendous interest and incredible knowledge about cars; he dug deeper into the topic.

Allysa Rose is the beautiful young lady on the Graveyard Carz show. You would be thinking she must be having some deep love for the cars and automobiles. And yes the girl has a huge interest in cars, and it’s her father’s fault :). When she was a child, Mr. Worman gave her toys like the GoKart cars and dirt bikes. So, she developed her interest in automotive when she was around 10-11 years old.

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The girl really loves working in garage giving new gorgeous life to the dead machines. Not just tightening some screws or doing spray paints, Allysa loves it all from getting her hands dirty while fixing the engines to selecting and working on the interior.

Her father really loves this about her that she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty in the garage. 

Anyone who has watched the show can’t ignore the dance moves of Mark Worman. The guy is a terrible but a funny dancer. But he likes to dance, and previously he also sent Allysa to dance classes. She knows the moves of ballet, tap and jazz dances.

Allysa’s father had a significant influence on her, and it’s just the truth.

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Allysa Rose’s Only Show

She is on this reality show but don’t confuse her with being a professional actress. She is not an actress at all. I don’t think the Graveyard Carz human beauty has any interest in acting too.

That’s why she has never been on any other tv show or movie. She even finds difficult working with cameras.

Allysa Has Huge Love For Cars, Loves & Drives Dodge

She grew up around the muscle and amazing other cars in her family. She didn’t care much about them while being a child, just like any child wouldn’t pay much attention to what’s always around that child.

But Allysa Rose finds herself lucky, and she’s so happy for being on Graveyard Carz and playing with the cars, she just loves doing it. And her favorite car that she would love to have is 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

And currently, she drives 2014 dodge charger. Her dad on some of the episodes might have told the audience that she drives the Merc, but fortunately, the girl upgraded her car to Dodge. And she believes it’s a good thing.

Allysa Rose Answering The Questions

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Update on December 4, 2017

Allysa is Dating Anthony Johnson and no longer with Josh Rose

Allysa is no longer with her husband Josh Rose. Her fans know that she was married to the Australian footballer but now they have separated.

The Graveyardz star seems to be dating Anthony Johnson these days. Allysa Rose is going on vacation with her kids and Anthony together.

She shared the following moment on her Instagram profile.


A post shared by Allysa Rose (@llysylys) on

Allysa response to her fans and as they were disappointed and was thinking that she left Josh for someone else. Allysa replied to the comment by following words.

“I didn’t leave Josh for anyone. He and I didn’t work out do to our own problems.” She replied to @graystang11.

This guy then posted something he should not have posted as he doesn’t know Anthony at all. He wrote, “just wondering it seems like a down grade. Cute kids.”

Allysa replied to him instantly by saying, “. Lol! ??‍♀️Shows how much you know.”

Seems like she is pretty happy with the new guy and know that he carries some nice qualities.

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Written by Pankaj Sharma

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