Amanda Knox and Christopher Robinson Got Engaged in Sci-Fi Style

They say magic happens when you are in love. And on November 16, 2018, something magical happened and the reason behind it is love.

The Sci-fi magic happened because of a strong connection of love between two humans beings.

Christopher Robinson proposed to his now fiancé Amanda Knox in what we would call one of the amazing ways to propose.

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The proposal was sci-fi themed and the whole incident is recorded in six minutes and ten seconds long video. The captured video has the elements of surprise, emotion, some kind of alien invasion and most of all love.

Amanda was running some errands when they heard some noise like a whistle, followed by a blast. Robinson and Amanda went out in surprise and saw what seemed like a meteorite smashed into their backyard.

It was shiny and full of smoke. Then Amanda went near to the shining and smoky piece and picked up a piece that had some text written on it. It was an overview message of their love story.

While Amanda was reading the text, Christopher popped the question. Here’s what he said.

Design Your Own Engagement Ring

I had been thinking about this, but it’s already happened in the future. It’s happening now. I don’t have a ring, but I do have a big rock. Will you stay with me until the last star in the last galaxy burns out and even after that? Amanda Marie Knox, will you marry me?

With utmost happiness, she said yes and they both kissed. You can check out the beautiful video right here.

It’s known that the engaged couple was in a long-term relationship.

Knox met Robinson after she reviewed Robinson’s novel War of The Encyclopaedists for a local magazine in 2015. According to People, they are dating since then. Here’s the image of the object that Knox is reading in the video.

Amanda Knox And Robinson Love Story

Amanda Has a Dark History

Talking about Amanda’s history, she has spent four years in prison after being accused of the murder of a girl. Because of this incident, Amanda made headlines around the world.

In 2007 Amanda Knox was studying abroad in Perugia, Italy. At that time, she was in a relationship with her Italian boyfriend named Raffaele Sollecito. Knox’s roommate was Meredith Kercher, and Knox and her then-boyfriend were found guilty of killing Kercher in 2009.

After spending a few years in an Italian prison, they filed an appeal to the court in 2011. As a result, in October 2011 Amanda and Raffaele both were set free because of lack of evidence against them.

But the tough time period in Amanda’s life was not over yet. After being free from the Italian prison, she returned to the United States of America.

There she was sentenced in absentia to prison again in 2014 in the USA. But she didn’t spend much time there as Knox was released upon Italy’s highest court overturned that decision in 2015.

Amanda also runs a website on a domain name of her name, Here’s the short part of the description written on her website.

Amanda Knox is an exoneree, journalist, public speaker, and author of the New York Times best-selling memoir, Waiting to Be Heard (HarperCollins, April 2013). Between 2007 and 2015, she spent nearly four years in an Italian prison and eight years on trial for a murder she didn’t commit.

Written by Pankaj Sharma

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