Woody Allen and Amazon Studios

Amazon Studios to Terminate Contract With Woody Allen

Serious allegations and controversies relating to Woody Allen have forced Amazon Studios to take the harsh decision of cancelling their deal of his five movies contract.

Now, guys if the Studios had to nullify the contract, they have to pay a hefty amount, and reportedly they are ready to do so.

However, both the parties are keeping mum on this and have not confirmed these reports.

We are here to spill the beans behind the rumored break-up.

Dylan Farrow, the adopted daughter of Woody Allen, accused him of sexual assault, though Allen has always denied these allegations.

Actually, Amazon Studios are in a fix as the person who made the original deal with Allen in 2016, Roy Price quit the company in October after an alleged sexual harassment claim following which Amazon suspended him.

Again Price did not make any comment about the same and until somebody is designated for the post, Amazon would not severe its ties with Allen.

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But on the other hand, the situation is getting tense as the next film “Rainy Day in New York”, slated for the release is already in deep waters as it includes a sexual relationship between an old man and a teenage girl.

Adding to the woes, the release of the film is getting jittery as actors Timothée Chalamet, and Rebecca Hall expressed remorse for having worked with Allen.

And on top of it, they volunteered to donate their salaries to Time’s Up.

But Amazon is “contractually obligated” to release the movie.

And also Amazon is already facing trouble finding theatres for screening Allen’s recent film Wonder Wheel.

As of the investment spent on Allen’s films is way more than the prospects of getting the returns.

As a result, Amazon Studios are left with no choice but to take stern steps against Woody Allen.

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