Amy Nelson Markiplier's Girlfriend

Amy Nelson, Markiplier’s Girlfriend: 27 Amazing Facts & Six Videos

Amy Nelson and Markiplier started dating in 2015. She has interest in reality tv and junk media. You are going to know 27 amazing facts about Markiplier’s girlfriend, what’s in her videos and more.

Amy Nelson is the gorgeous and talented young lady and the girlfriend of Markiplier. Mark Edward Fischbach, famously known as Markiplier is a YouTuber with 18+ million subscribers. According to the social blade, his subscribers are increasing by 5k to 8k every day.

Amy Nelson Markiplier Girlfriend

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Amy Nelson was born on May 21, 1994, in Cincinnati, Ohio and currently lives in L.A. She is a graphic designer and an illustrator and pretty good at her job. Nickname of Nelson is Peebles. She has 114K+ followers on twitter and 116K+ followers on Instagram. She’s very active on twitter and moderately active on her Instagram account.

Amy Nelson is beautiful and cute since childhood, have a look when Amy was in 3rd grade.

Amy now lives in the same city as Markiplier, Los Angeles, California. They began dating in 2015 but went public with their relationship in mid-2016. Markiplier and Amy made their first public appearance together as a couple during Vidcon 2016.

The 23-years-old young lady is friends with YouTuber Jacksepticeye.

Their relationship has gone healthy by time as we can see Mark appearing in the Instagram updates of Amy Nelson’s account.

If you are following any YouTubers or watch YouTube videos quite often, then you must know that weirdest challenges often trend on YouTube. And some YouTubers read the comments of their audience to connect with them emotionally.

One guy in the comments asked Mark to get makeup done on his face by his girlfriend, and Markiplier went for it. Amy seemed kind of cool and a happy person while she did his makeup. You can see it below; it starts at 3:43.

Amy Nelson (Peebles) Has Her Own YouTube Channel

Amy Nelson YouTube Channel

Markiplier’s girlfriend also has a YouTube channel, and she uploaded her first video on March 4, 2017. Her channel’s name is Planet Peebles. Till now she has posted just six videos on her channel.

Three of her videos are longer than 10 minutes, one is below 10 minutes, and two are even less than 3 minutes.

Even though gaining popularity by a YouTube channel was never her intention, Amy’s videos gained popularity because of their quality content. She just wanted to get away from her daily life, to spend some time alone with herself. The girl decided to shoot those precious moments of her life and share them with the world.

And that was the birth of her first video, Where Am I? A Drive to Slab City.

Let’s see what she has to offer in her first and other five videos. After that, we’ll jump into the 27 facts about Markiplier’s girlfriend.

Amy Nelson’s First Video

Where Am I? A Drive to Slab City

So little away from home Amy went to see the Salvation Mountain alone and reached there after driving for almost four hours. She’s not religious, and she grew up as a Catholic. Nelson says, “You cannot separate religious aspect of the art from the art itself, but you can appreciate it either way.”

She spent like an hour just wondering around the Salvation Mountain, and she just loved it. Overall, she just loved the entire trip, spending time with herself, admiring the art and all. Afterwards, she just drove back to home.

She also published a post about it on her website along with some stunning images. You can read the article and see pictures here, and the video is below.

Her Second Video

I’m celebrating National Pup Day at the Getty

This is a short but beautiful video with the runtime of 2 minutes and 53 seconds. Markiplier’s girlfriend took a break to look at art. Starting the video with three essential things for visiting Getty. In this video, you will see a lot of art with dogs in it and trees around the city.

Amy’s Third Video

Peebles Gets Abducted! (FINALLY)

Markiplier and Amy Nelson

Nelson’s third video was shot on her birthday, and fortunately, she was with Markiplier whole day. She literally abducted her boyfriend because Mark’s schedule is very busy. Amy had to tell him few days before to be free on her birthday so that they could drive together and spend the day with each other.

They actually had a great time and enjoyed the moments of this ride together. But in between Mark was worried about getting murdered :o, he was just kidding :).

They visited Integratron that is a structure designed by Ufologist and Contactee George Van Tassel. Tassel claimed the Integratron was capable of rejuvenation, anti-gravity and time travel. 

Amy Nelson narrated the essential historical elements about Integratron in this video.

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Markiplier’s Girlfriend’s Fourth Video

Brewing my holy grail coffee

She made a cold brew coffee in this video and showed the world how to make a delicious one. It’s a nice and sweet tutorial.

Amy Nelson’s Fifth Video


The most awesome video of Amy is this one, My favorite.

Amy loves to dance when she’s happy I can say that after watching this video. Her new filming space was done, and she did this.

She posted this video on July 2, and most people thought she would make videos quite often after that because her dedicated filming space was ready now. And she uploaded the next video after ten days, which was her last video till now.

Amy’s Sixth and Last Video Till Now

What’s On My Bookshelf?

As we can see in her previous video, her filming location is actually in front of a shelf. She called it a bookshelf and gave a little tour of the beautiful things placed in it. That included a lot of stuff like, Gorilla stuff, accordion, sci-fi section, Radiohead collection, books, etc. 

Here are the books on the bookshelf of Amy Nelson.

Design as Art by Bruno Munari
Character and Fate by Katharine Merlin
Feminist Fables by Suniti Namjoshi
The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut
Ordeal by Hunger by George R. Stewart*
Just My Type by Kemon Garfield*
Secret Walks by Charles Fleming
The Geeky Chef Cook Book by Cassandra Reeder
Twin Peaks by Mark Frost
Everything you need to know about The Goth Scene by Kerry Acker
WE3 by Grant Morrison*
Saga by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples
Walt Disney’s Donald Duck: 50 Years of Happy Frustration by Charlotte Parry-Crooke
Designing Patterns by Lotta Kuhlhorn

She has read more books than these, but she didn’t have them with her at the moment of the creation of her video. In this last video of her, Amy said, she’ll talk to her audience soon, but it’s been more than a month, and no new video is out yet.

Facts About Markiplier’s Girlfriend, Amy Nelson

Facts Amy Nelson Markiplier Girlfriend

I have watched all of her videos closely, scrolled through her twitter feed and gathered these facts about her. I believe these facts are accurate, but I also hope that I’m not wrong at any point. And, here we go. Amy, if you are reading this and find any facts wrong, you can just contact me and I’ll fix that :).

1. She loves to play with clay and make stuff.

2. Amy loves cats and dogs; she has both at her current living place.

If this isn’t the god damn cutest shit

A post shared by Peebles (@iceddorkroast) on

3. She finds it hard to remember names of people. Like, she met few people on the Salvation Mountain, but after an hour and a few minutes, she didn’t remember any of the names.

4. She is generous, the girl supported the donations box at East Jesus site, so that the place could be maintained along with its beauty.

5. She has very nice photography and video shooting skills. The camera angles in all of her videos are just perfect, especially in ‘Where Am I? A Drive to Slab City’.

6. She doesn’t like to take things seriously, but believes in doing and just enjoying the things that she loves because it brings her joy.

7. Amy loves filming location based videos because she just hates holding the camera and move around. So she loves documenting new places where she goes and making more visually appealing videos.

8. She’s the kind of person that would adore the nature, by just looking at the stars for hours and even enjoy the desert during the day.

9. Markiplier’s girlfriend is surrounded by people whose lives are dedicated to YouTube, but Amy doesn’t feel necessary to upload videos on a regular basis.

10. She enjoys developing the ideas and making them alive by working on them.

11. Amy Nelson has interest in reality tv and junk media.

12. She loves to know about the history of popular things and places. I can tell that because she showed huge interest in the history of Integratron, in her Peebles Gets Abducted video.

13. It’s a rare chance that she has a full day to relax.

14. She loves and is obsessed with Philz coffee beans, yes she is a coffee lover.

15. She can be instantly funny. She turned her water spilling mistake into a joke that sounded totally cool in her fourth video. The coffee tutorial.

16. She loved the jazz horse meme, and she also has a pillow of that horse on it.

17. She loves her Rihanna Puma creepers shoes.

18. Amy loves the cute and goofy stuff.

19. Her favorite game series is Animal Crossing.

20. She believes cannibalism is fascinating.

21. Her favorite graphic novel of all time is WE3 by Grant Morrison.

22. Oswald The Lucky Rabbit from Disney is her favorite character; She’s not a typical Disney fangirl, she doesn’t even like movies much. But when it comes to Oswald, she loves everything about him.

23. She has a huge interest in Sci-Fi genre.

24. She still uses Polaroid, sometimes.

25. She has a pack of napkins that she loves so much that don’t wish to use them.

26. She loves beer, especially drinking craft beer.

27. She has a thing for fancy teapots.

Markiplier’s Girlfriend For One Day – Extra Fact About Mark

Amy Nelson and Markiplier has an incredible bond and deep love for each other. But Mark in November 2016 dated another girl for a day. They called each other babe and did cute stuff together.

Feeling surprised? Having questions like, wow does that mean Mark cheated on his girlfriend?

And the answer is no; he didn’t cheat on Amy. It was just a collaboration video with IISuperwomanII (Lilly Singh) and it was super cute. Check it out here.

I give my best wishes to Amy and Mark and hope their relationship get stronger day-by-day.

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Written by Pankaj Sharma

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