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Angelina Jolie Spent The Mother’s Day With Young Son Pax

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The Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie spent mother’s day with her young son Pax. Both were spotted at the restaurant Beauty & Essex in Los Angeles on Sunday. Angelina Jolie has six young children named: Maddox 15, Pax 13, Zahara 12, Shiloh 10, Knox 8 and Vivienne 8. Shiloh Knox and Vivienne are Angelina’s biological children while other three are adopted.

Angelina adopted Pax from an orphanage in Vietnam when he was just three years old. Now the young Pax is 13 years old.

Angelina Jolie Young Pax

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Pax was looking simple but stylish with a black jacket, flannel shirt, and top. Angelina was also wearing a black dress that was giving her an elegant look. I think people of elite class all around the world should learn something from Angelina Jolie. She has adopted three children which is a great thing to do. If you are privileged and can afford a luxurious life, then you should also adopt children to make their lives better. If you can add happiness in someone’s life, then you should do it.

Angelina Jolie was divorced in 2003 and in mid-2005, she adopted Zahara from an orphanage in Addis Ababa. Even after having her first biological child named Shiloh in the year 2006, Angelina adopted Pax from Vietnam in 2007.

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Pax is now not so much grown up but still looks like a young kid that he actually is. Angelina also seems to be in reuniting mood these days. There have been some disputes in the relation between Angelina and her father, Jon Voight. They have not met properly for near about seven years. But Angelina Jolie was seen at a restaurant having food with her dad and her some young and some not so young children on Wednesday.

Angelina announced her split last year from Brad Pitt, and that was when all the Brangelina fans were in shock. She is a single mother at this time, it must be difficult for her obviously. She is using this time to re-connecting with her father to make their relationship a better one. They were seen heading out from a restaurant in Beverley Hills, California, alongside some of Angelina’s brood of six.

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Angelina Jolie Father Jon Voight

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