Ariel Winter Slams Hater

Ariel Winter Shuts Down a Bully on Twitter, And She’s Right

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“Ariel Winter just gave a perfect reply to a negative tweet.”

It’s just sad that bullies and haters exist in the world that we live in. They are just everywhere and spreading negativity and harassment in the real world as well as on the internet.

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These people don’t even spare celebrities, the people who work their butts off to provide quality entertainment.

Most of the time celebrities ignore the haters and trolls. But I am glad to tell you guys that some of them choose to raise their voice against hate publically. And the most recent celebrity to do this is Ariel Winter.

She just shut down a bully on Twitter, a few hours ago.

Ariel Winter started dating the actor Levi Meaden (29) from Nov. 2016.

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Near about 2 hours ago (4:20 am PST, August 11, 2017), Ariel tweeted this “Night shoots watching my love kick ass @LeviMeaden ?.

And a girl replied to her tweet by saying, “but your still a f–king idiot.”

Now that’s just really bad, as I don’t think that the girl (@nashscutebae) who tweeted this hate comment know Ariel in any way in real life. And she called Ariel Winter an idiot just out of the blue.

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I am glad that Ariel noticed and replied with the most appropriate way possible.

I hope the girl learns her lesson. But this wasn’t the first tweet of Ariel about this matter. Here’s the first one that she tweeted few minutes before the second.

I think haters and negativity spreaders like @nashscutbae should get be smashed back like this. They should learn the lesson and never call anyone out like that. But regarding this people have different opinions.


After publishing this post, @nashscutebae responded on our twitter page. She tried to explain that why she said what she said in her tweet in the first place. Here’s what she has to say.

As we explained that the word F–king in Ariel’s twitter bio doesn’t mean harm to anyone. Here was her another response.

Now that tweet doesn’t seem like coming from a hater or a bully. There would be no hate if we all treat each other with love and respect. The world would be such a great place. I would urge people that please think twice before you say anything bad about someone, whether it’s online or person to person.

What are your views on this? Do let me know in the comments below.

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Written by Pankaj Sharma

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