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Arnold Schwarzenegger Coming Back to Movies With Next Terminator

Terminator movies have a special place in Hollywood and inside the heart of the fans of this franchise. And Arnold Schwarzenegger has proved to be the backbone of Terminator movies. Cannes film festival is going on in France and the actor was there to support the documentary movie Wonders Of The Sea 3D. This movie is focused on the serious environmental issues. Arnold Schwarzenegger talked at the event and said that the Terminator reboot is happening and he will act in the movie. According to screen, Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “It is moving forward. He [Cameron] has some good ideas of how to continue with the franchise.” He added, “I will be in the movie.”

James Cameron is an amazing director and a person of a great vision. Arnold Schwarzenegger says that James has some good ideas for moving forward with the Terminator movies.

Along with that Schwarzenegger also praised the work of Netflix. He will also be working with Netflix in the future as the actor said following. “They are a terrific company, and they have done an extraordinary job,” he said, “They’re visionaries and they’ve rattled the cage a bit with the studios, that’s good. New ideas and new ways of showing movies is good. For us entertainers, it’s another way you can display yourself.” He also added, “I’m looking forward to working [with Netflix]. Hopefully, there will be something.”

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I think this is really cool news. James Cameron is returning to the Terminator movies along with the impressive Arnold Schwarzenegger. Cameron is a person with enormous vision and great talent. He has the power and potential to turn an ordinary story into a legendary one. But here we are talking about the great Terminator movies that already lives in the hearts of millions of people, possibly billions around the world. It’s sure that James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger will do justice to the franchise once again.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

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