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Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies Has Taken a Backseat After This Remark

DONALD Trump recently attacked Arnold Schwarzenegger for his Celebrity Apprentice ratings. The Terminator now has mocked the president’s low approval numbers. The movie star and former California Governor was giving out a response to the latest Gallup poll which displayed his approval rating has dropped to 37 percent, while 58 percent of Americans are of the poor opinion of his performance so far. Mr Trump’s approval rating stayed in the mid-to-low 40s in the weeks following the beginning of his presidency.


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“Oh, Donald, the ratings are in, and you got swamped,” said the former California governor in a video he posted online. In the video that Arnold Schwarzenegger posted on Twitter, the star of the movies jibed at the president’s not so swell (or swole) approval rating, following the plans he announced to deprive kids of school lunches and art, recently. Arnold Schwarzenegger practically mocks the fact that Trump’s popularity could use some pumping up, but he also seems to be aware of the fact that there’s a lot at stake. So, instead of suggesting a foot race or arm-wrestling contest, Arnold Schwarzenegger asks Trump to face to with him at a D.C.-area middle school, where he can personally witness the good the funds he’s prepared to cut do and the fantastic work that they’re doing for these children. Trump hasn’t responded to Terminator movie star Schwarzenegger’s volley, probably because he’s too busy campaigning again.

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Trump said Celebrity Apprentice had been a “total disaster” since the Austrian-born took over. Mr Trump also used the National Prayer Breakfast to suggest that we pray for an increase in the show’s ratings. Schwarzenegger responded, suggesting he and Mr Trump should switch jobs “so people can finally sleep comfortably again.” Well, this was not expected to come from movie star!!

The tussle between the movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger and Trump have been going back and forth on social media for quite some time now. The criticism sparked an ongoing conflict over social media, culminating in claims by Mr Trump that Schwarzenegger did not leave Celebrity Apprentice by choice, but was in fact fired. It was earlier this month that Trump claimed the movie star was thrown out of The Celebrity Apprentice for “his pathetic ratings.” Schwarzenegger said he quit due to the show’s “baggage.”

The ratings for the previous body-builders season of the NBC reality series came down by nearly 42 percent from Trump’s final season. Trump hosted the show from 2004 to 2015 and is still the executive producer.

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