Bella Thorne Naked

Bella Thorne Caught Naked in The BackYard, Painting

Bella Thorne sat naked in her backyard under the sunny and hot day in California. The 19 years old actress was painting her jeans with the almost matching colour with her hairs. Also revealed the slightest part of her nipple, obviously unintentionally.

Former Disney star is staying quite active on social media accounts, including Snapchat and Instagram. I have been watching her social media updates from few months.

Bella Thorne is a super cool personality with not giving a damn attitude about what other think of her. She lives her life to the fullest and enjoys every moment she can.

Compra hoy en

From naked bath tub shots to, street clicks, to captioned moments in awesome bars, to just having fun by becoming hot Santa Clause, she uploads everything.

And a few hours ago Bella Thorne decided to give her jeans a new look. And she took the matter of painting into her own hands. Bella must be thinking, why should I let some else have all the fun. And for some reason, she decided to do the paint job while being naked.

And honestly, it’s her backyard, she can wear whatever she wants, or just be naked and do stuff. We are totally cool with that.

And while doing the paint job, she had a cool idea to share those painting moments with her followers. In result, we got these hot and naked images of Bella Thorne.

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Now, one more thing happened, and I don’t think she did that with some intention. But she definitely knows about it and doesn’t care at all.

She shared three images, and one of them includes a glimpse of her pinky pink nipple, just a tiny part.

PAINTING TIME? it’s hot as balls outside ?

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Bella also showed off her signature septum piercing and a cool and colourful beaded bracelet collection on her right wrist. Not to mention the awesome golden skull is also lying on her back.

Everything is cool and fine, but one thing I don’t think I’ll ever understand. Being naked and sexy, I understand.

But the thing that Miley Cyrus started just doesn’t get in my brain. Why on earth celebrities show their tongue in the images? Does that make them look cool? If yes, then how? Do you guys know? Let me know in the comments below, I really want to know.

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Written by Pankaj Sharma

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