Brandi Passante: Wiki, Wedding, Instagram

Brandi Passante Wiki: Hot, Instagram, Net Worth, Wedding, Know All

Brandi Passante is an American businesswoman and reality television personality.

This Taurian was born on May 16, 1980, in Texas.

Well known for her appearance is Storage Wars, along with her long-term boyfriend Jarrod Schulz.

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Her career launched as a businesswoman with an auction store “Now and Then Second Hand Store”.

This store is located in Orange County California. There are not many details about her family and personal life apart from her brothers Bruce Lawton and Alex Begandy and her husband Jarrod.

Brandi Passante has her share of controversies and scandals. She won a legal battle against web operators for posting her nude pics.

Read on for knowing more juicy details about her controversy, storage wars, family life, net worth and much more.

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Brandi Passante – Claim To Fame

Faux fur in an ice palace #minus5

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Brandi Passante and her longtime boyfriend Jarrod Schulz, owned and operated a thrift store called  “Now and Then Second Hand Store”.

Upon learning of theTV show ‘Storage Wars,’ they decided to participate in the hopes of buying some useful stuff for their shop.

They joined the show in its first season in 2010 and have been starring in it ever since.

Their exemplary and tactful bidding strategies made them an instant hit with the viewers and became celebrities.

The couple’s business got a major surge ahead and they opened another thrift store in some other location.

You can check out the popularity of this raging couple in this video.

The viewers can’t get enough of her as they are just swooning all over her.

Their popularity also led to the offer to star in a reality TV show focusing exclusively on them, ‘Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job.’

This series officially premiered on August 12, 2014.

The show, focussing on the couple’s family life, did not receive that kind of adulation which was expected. The show was wired off after just eight episodes.

Passante’s Personal And Family Life


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Before venturing into the booming business of bidding Brandi was a stay-at-home mom for several years.

After her son was born, she decided to venture into something profitable so she joined hands with her Boyfriend Jarrod never to look back.

Brandi Passante has been in relation with Jarrod Schulz from past 12 years now.

The loving couple is officially not married neither have any plans for it.

In fact, they have been staying in a live-in relationship and are blessed with two kids, a daughter, and a son.

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Their daughter’s name is Payton and she’s about 8. Their son Camren is about 10 years old.

The couple lives in Lake Forest, California with their children. Apart from her professional life, Brandi likes to live a fairly private life.

She is active on her social profiles on Twitter and Facebook pages. While she hardly makes any comments or posts statuses about her personal life.

This is the reason, not many people are aware of her family and background.

Brandi’ Scandalous Encounter

Brandi Passante: Wiki, Wedding, Instagram

Fame sure has bitter fruits to bear along with its boon.

Labeled as the stripper in clubs in and around Orange County, she faced the brunt of being famous.

This professional storage unit buyer got in a fix after circulating unflattering, and possibly fake, mug shots on the internet.

In early 2013 Brandi Passante successfully sued the operator of an adult website for posting a video that allegedly showed Passante nude.

Brandi sought $2.5 million in damages but won just $750. This television reality star has seen the limelight for some of the other unwanted attention on the internet.

Recently, she has sued a website “Are You Up” for posting pornographic images and content that she claims to have been falsified.

This star performer of Storage Wars always manages to attract attention because of her commendable assets.

Few Untold Facts of Brandi Passante

The most beautiful girl in the world doesn’t like her picture taken.

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Brandi Passante doesn’t want her kids to follow her business. She wants them to choose their own path and be successful.

She is an awesome cook and her husband Jarrod just loves this fact and he gorges on all the Sicilian dishes she prepares.

Brandi battles Escalatophobia. She has an immense fear of escalators and holds her breathe every time she is on one.

She also suffers from motion sickness, also called kinetosis. She avoids travelling on road trips due to this. Although this ravishing young woman looks sexy, it is surprising to know that she doesn’t wear any lipstick.

According to Brandi Passante, she never wears lipstick because of it would “look ridiculous” on her “chicken lips.”

It would be quite interesting for u if I tell that her husband Jarrod had a criminal past and served 16 months in a state prison.

Well, that does not refrain Brandi from making her togetherness perfect and longlasting.

On this note, I end this article about Brandi Passante, with a wish.

May their love lasts a lifetime and may she be successful in her future ventures.

Written by Pankaj Sharma

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