Celebrity Deaths in 2017

Celebrity Deaths in 2017: Pay Condolences To Stars We Lost in Jan 2017

Numerous deaths in 2017 already happened just like it happens every year. Death spares no one even the famous and legendary people who have earned a prestigious reputation in the society.

Everyone has to leave this world one day. We are remembering those people who left this world and paying them our condolences here. Remarkable people who are gone but not forgotten. Pay your condolences to the celebrities we lost earlier this year.

Remembering those remarkable people who are gone but not forgotten. Know what was their profession, cause of their death and pay your condolences to the celebrities we lost in January 2017.

God bless the souls of these people who gave us so much to remember, learn from and to cherish. Here are the celebrity names who died in January 2017. After these names, you can know more about these celebrities and pay your condolences to them with just a click or tap.

Name of the Celebrities Died in January 2017

Stuart Hamilton (Pianist)
Richard Machowicz (Actor)
Paul Goble (Writer)
Jill Saward (Campaigner)
Francine York (Actress)
Om Puri (Actor)
Sylvester Potts (Singer)
Eddie Kamae (Singer/Composer)
Peter Sarstedt (Singer)
Rod Mason (Jazz Musician)
Clare Hollingworth (Journalist)
Buddy Greco (Jazz Singer)
Tommy Allsup (Musician)
Larry Steinbachek (Musician)
Graham Taylor (Football Manager)
William Peter Blatty (Writer)
Dick Gautier (Actor)
Lord Snowdon (Photographer)
Zhou Youguang (Linguist)
Mahi Beamer (Singer)
Jimmy Snuka (Wrestler)
Richie Ingui (Musician/Singer)
Eugene Cernan (Nasa Astronaut)
Steve Wright (Musician)
Mike Kellie (Musician)
Miguel Ferrer (Actor)
Joey Powers (Singer)
Maggie Roche (Singer/Songwriter)
Gorden Kaye (Actor)
Butch Trucks (Musician)
Ron ‘Bingo’ Mundy (Singer)
John Hurt (Actor)
Mary Tyler Moore (Actress)
Mike Connors (Actor)
Barbara Hale (Actress)
Bob Holiday (Stage Actor)
Geoff Nicholls (Musician)
Bobby Freeman (Musician/Singer)
Guitar Gable (Musician/Songwriter)
Ken Hartle (WWI Navy Driver)
John Wetton (Musician)
Frank Pellegrino (Actor)

Pay Your Condolences to The Celebrities Who Died This Year

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