Celebrity Deaths in 2017

Celebrity Deaths in 2017: Pay Condolences To Stars We Lost in Jan 2017

Numerous deaths in 2017 already happened just like it happens every year. Death spares no one even the famous and legendary people who have earned a prestigious reputation in the society.

Everyone has to leave this world one day. We are remembering those people who left this world and paying them our condolences here. Remarkable people who are gone but not forgotten. Pay your condolences to the celebrities we lost earlier this year.

Remembering those remarkable people who are gone but not forgotten. Know what was their profession, cause of their death and pay your condolences to the celebrities we lost in January 2017.

God bless the souls of these people who gave us so much to remember, learn from and to cherish. Here are the celebrity names who died in January 2017. After these names, you can know more about these celebrities and pay your condolences to them with just a click or tap.

Name of the Celebrities Died in January 2017

Stuart Hamilton (Pianist)
Richard Machowicz (Actor)
Paul Goble (Writer)
Jill Saward (Campaigner)
Francine York (Actress)
Om Puri (Actor)
Sylvester Potts (Singer)
Eddie Kamae (Singer/Composer)
Peter Sarstedt (Singer)
Rod Mason (Jazz Musician)
Clare Hollingworth (Journalist)
Buddy Greco (Jazz Singer)
Tommy Allsup (Musician)
Larry Steinbachek (Musician)
Graham Taylor (Football Manager)
William Peter Blatty (Writer)
Dick Gautier (Actor)
Lord Snowdon (Photographer)
Zhou Youguang (Linguist)
Mahi Beamer (Singer)
Jimmy Snuka (Wrestler)
Richie Ingui (Musician/Singer)
Eugene Cernan (Nasa Astronaut)
Steve Wright (Musician)
Mike Kellie (Musician)
Miguel Ferrer (Actor)
Joey Powers (Singer)
Maggie Roche (Singer/Songwriter)
Gorden Kaye (Actor)
Butch Trucks (Musician)
Ron ‘Bingo’ Mundy (Singer)
John Hurt (Actor)
Mary Tyler Moore (Actress)
Mike Connors (Actor)
Barbara Hale (Actress)
Bob Holiday (Stage Actor)
Geoff Nicholls (Musician)
Bobby Freeman (Musician/Singer)
Guitar Gable (Musician/Songwriter)
Ken Hartle (WWI Navy Driver)
John Wetton (Musician)
Frank Pellegrino (Actor)

Pay Your Condolences to The Celebrities Who Died This Year

Stuart Hamilton

Total Offerings: 32
Profession: Canadian Pianist
Sep 28, 1929 - Jan 1, 2017
Cause of Death : Prostate's Cancer

“Robert” Stuart Hamilton was an award-winning pianist from Toronto, Canada. He had talents in multiple streams including operatic vocal coaching, radio broadcasting, artistic direction and he also worked as a producer.

Hamilton grew up in a house at 2325 Angus Street near what later became known as “The Crescents” neighborhood. In 1974, Hamilton initiated the annual Opera in Concert series at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts in Toronto, acting as artistic director, producer, and accompanist.

Hamilton’s autobiography Opening Windows was published by Dundurn Press in the fall of 2012.

Richard Machowicz

Total Offerings: 15
Profession: Host / Navy Seal
May 30, 1965 - Jan 2, 2017
Cause of Death : Brain Cancer

He was a former US Navy Seal Richard “Mack” Machowicz, the guy starred in the successful show ‘Future Weapons’ on Discovery Channel.
His friends say that he lived his life’s fifty-two years by giving an example of how life should be lived.
Richard was diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer sometime in late 2015 but the guy was a fighter.

His words on a video were ‘I refuse to give up on myself and what I’m capable of doing’. Richard Machowicz will always be remembered for his bravery and courage.

Paul Goble

Total Offerings: 11
Profession: Writer
Sep 27, 1933 - Jan 5, 2017
Cause of Death : Parkinson's disease

Paul Goble uses to write books for children along with beautiful illustrations. He was a writer and illustrator of great talent. Most of his work is based on Native American stories.

He contributed to making the lives of children informative and full of fun with his work. Goble’s first children’s book was Red Hawk’s Account of Custer’s Last Battle, and it was published in 1969.

His beautiful work as an illustrator is held in various collections, including in Library of Congress.

Jill Saward

Total Offerings: 6
Profession: Campaigner
Jan 15, 1965 - Jan 5, 2017
Cause of Death : Stroke

Jill Saward was a strong woman who was sadly raped. After this horrible incident, she became a campaigner against sexual violence. On the day of her death, her family released the following statement.

“It is with deep shock and great sadness that we must announce that Jill Saward (Jill Drake) died this morning in New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton, following a subarachnoid haemorrhage on Tuesday.”

In January 2015, Saward debated the campaign’s goals with Helen Reece, Professor of Law at the London School of Economics, on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour.

Francine York

Total Offerings: 4
Profession: Actress
Aug 26, 1938 - Jan 6, 2017
Cause of Death : Cancer

Francine York was an American film and television actress appeared in numerous tv shows and movies. She is known as a villainess on TV’s ‘Batman’ and in movies like The Doll Squad (1973), Bedtime Story (1964) and Cannon for Cordoba (1970).

She died at Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Van Nuys, California, after a battle with cancer. The actress also played a seductive Venus de Milo on an episode of Bewitched.

She wasn’t afraid to appear nude on screen as she did a nude scene in Cannon for Cordoba (1970) along with belly dancing. In The Family Man (2000) movie, she played Nicolas Cage’s mother-in-law.

At the age of 17, York was 5-foot-8-inches tall and a runner-up in the Miss Minnesota beauty pageant, as the beauty was basically from Aurora, Minnesota. At age 17, the 5-foot-8 York was runner-up in the Miss Minnesota beauty pageant. York was in relationships from time to time but she never got married.

She was also known as a gourmet cook, fitness, and nutrition expert.

Om Puri

Total Offerings: 3
Profession: Actor
Oct 18, 1950 - Jan 6, 2017
Cause of Death : Heart Attack

Om Puri was an established actor in Indian Film Industry also known as Bollywood. He also worked in art and independent movies.

The total appearances of his in movies are more than three hundred. He was awarded the most prestigious and fourth highest civilian award of India, the Padma Shri award.

His film career’s duration is near about four decades. He was honored at the 89th Academy Awards in memoriam segment for his contribution in Indian and world cinema.

Sylvester Potts

Total Offerings: 3
Profession: Singer
Dec 22, 1938 - Jan 6, 2017
Cause of Death : Unknown - Died in Hospital

Sylvester Potts was a member of the legendary The Contour group for few decades.

The Contour group gave several hits to the world including ‘Do You Love Me’. This number hit #1 on Billboard and R&B chart and later on ranked #3 on

He joined the group in 1961, a year before the group’s signature hit “Do You Love Me”, it hit #1 on Billboard’s R&B chart and crossed over to #3 on the Hot 100.

Sylvester Potts lived his final moments in the hospital in Detroit and died there on Friday, 6th January. His age was 78.


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