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Celine Dion Husband Bid Adieu With Fair Share of Highs and Lows

René Angélil, the husband of the gorgeous and talented Celine Dion, died on 14th January 2016, after fighting cancer. Their relationship began when Celine was not in a renowned circle. Let’s take a look at the Dion- Angélil Saga. The relationship of René and Celine dates back to when Celine was a 12 year old girl. Dion’s family sent a recording of her song to Angélil who was a successful producer in Canada. After hearing the song, he asked Celine Dion to sing for him in person. The rest is history!

Il y a un an, le 14 janvier 2016, René Angélil nous quittait. Son souvenir reste à jamais gravé dans nos cœurs. Today, January 14th, it’s been a year since René left us. He will always be in our hearts. -Team Céline ❤

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In an interview with Access Hollywood in 2013, Celine Dion said that she was 18 years old when her feelings started to change for him and she began to see him differently. They started dating when Dion was 19 and Angélil was 45.

They kept their relationship and their engagement a secret for five years. Celine Dion pushed Angélil to reveal the secret once and for all. Thanks to the message written in the linear notes of The Color of My Love, Dion’s platinum CD, their relationship became public in 1994. They got married that year on December 17.

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Exact date of the marriage of Dion and Angélil was 17th December 1994 and they got married at Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal. They had an extravagant wedding similar to a royal wedding. Their wedding was televised on Canadian National television. The couple struggled to get Dion pregnant throughout their marriage. They conceived their first child, René-Charles, using in-vitro fertilization. The couple conceived again, but had a miscarriage. Finally, in 2010, Dion gave birth to twins, Eddy and Nelson.

Angélil’s health was an issue for a major portion of their marriage. In 1999, he was diagnosed with cancer. Celine Dion took two years off to look after her husband. He was declared cancer free in 2000. The couple renewed their vows at a ceremony in Las Vegas.

Then, in 2013, Angélil got the devastating news that his cancer had returned. The tumour was removed from his throat. Dion took a second indefinite leave of absence from her career. She wanted to devote all her strength, energy, and time to take care of her ailing husband. By 2015, Angélil health had gotten so bad that he couldn’t eat by himself. Dion fed him thrice a day using a feeding tube. Dion couldn’t bear seeing her husband in such pain. Then on 14th January 2016, Angélil finally got to rest in peace.

According to Dion, the couple had their tough times. It wasn’t easy. Being a couple and business partners, there were certain issues that created a lot of tension between the two. There were rumours about the couple getting divorced prior Angélil’s death. But it was just a rumour. She lost her husband, and the hoax about them getting divorced was blasphemy and insulting to the couple. They had their ups and downs and were even on the brink of a split. But they managed to stay together.

The 20-year marriage has suffered through its fair share of highs and lows. From their secret dating phase of the cancer battle, their story is truly a heartbreaking one. Overall the Dion- Angélil saga is an incredible love story.

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