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Charlie Zelenoff Wiki: Intriguing Story of a Troll Boxer, Wife, Net Worth

Let’s unravel the interesting facts about Charlie Zelenoff, the biggest boxing sensation on the internet.

You can also consider this content your short and stylish Charlie Zelenoff Wiki.

Cyberbully, troll boxer, who is the real Charlie.

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Read on to uncover his mysterious life events, his wife, net worth etc

Charlie Zelenoff’s YouTube Reality Show “CHARLIE ZELENOFF TV”

He has proclaimed himself as the  World’s boxing  Champion through the production series of video clips. On the contrary, he has been listed 0-1, on, upon being disqualified in his very first bout at Welterweight against Andrew Hartley (2-21-0)

Who is Charlie Zelenoff?

Charlie Zelenoff

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Aged 29, Charlie is a Russian American, raised and born in Los Angeles. Also known as”Z-Money”, he has a passion for boxing. Despite being ignored by the boxing community he a has a firm belief that he is the best boxer in the world.

Zelenoff has made many absurd statements that the boxing community considers him a fluke.

He even goes around carrying a title belt and claims to be the “UBF WORLD CHAMPION”.He posts many clips of his fights in gyms where he mostly knocks out amateur boxers with his supposed “4,500 PSI” power shots.

Charlie’s Fight With Floyd Mayweather Sr.

There’s a video on Youtube of Charlie Zelenoff and Floyd Mayweather Sr with over 4 million views. It was uploaded on March 23, 2017.

Thousands of people have commented on this video. Some even said they enjoyed the video but in a sarcastic way. The user named Krug Stillo wrote, “Still better than Mayweather vs Pacquiao.”

Mayweather vs Pacquiao match is known as The Fight of the Century.

But, if we see this video of Charlie, it’s not interesting at all. Charlie is just jumping around and trying to save himself.

If the fight they just gather around the ring and talk gibberish.

You can watch the video below if you like, but I would not recommend watching it.

Payback Time For Charlie

In a sensational video, Zelenoff is seen hitting some teenagers in a gym during sparring bouts. But tables are turned when a16 yr old beats him both inside and outside the ring.

He bleeds profusely and in the comments section, the viewers actually wanted him to be dead. Many exclaimed that he deserved what he got.

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In the words of one of the viewer King Ludwig ” this guy has serious mental issues”. Clearly, he doesn’t seem to be the favourite of his audience.

In another bout, he gets beaten badly by a heavyweight boxer Deontay Welder where he was seen panting for breath.

On the same note, he made a video where he admits his defeat.

His viewers slammed him claiming him to be “a muppet clown serving the Illuminati.”

Charlie Zelenoff doesn’t hesitate to fight boxers outside his weight category. He challenged Wladimir Klitschko to a boxing match and claimed he would break his jaw and reduce it to jelly.

Delving deeper into these videos and comments it seems that Charlie indeed has some serious delusional and psychotic issues which he doesn’t want to face.

Charlie Zelenoff’s wife Diara

Charlie and his wife Diara seem to enjoy an amicable relationship as he posted a video with her celebrating his 169th victory.

Mocking his false emotions and victory viewers ridiculed Charlie about his relationship. In fact, one of them questions Diara “what does it feel like to marry a clown?”

she doesn’t feel comfortable in the video. Have a look yourself in the video below

Something is really hunky dory here. They are definitely not setting any relationship goals.

Charlie Zelenoff Net Worth

Epic callout of Pheelgood (2 of 2)

A post shared by Charlie Zelenoff (@realzelenoff) on

Well, there is no authentic information about the net worth of Zelenoff. He claims to be an undefeated boxer on the internet but his claims raise several questions.

His monetary wealth cannot be accessed but I think he has not amassed any credentials from his fans.

One thing can be said about this Charlie Zelenoff phenomena is that it is quite a rage among the audience although he makes a mockery of himself in the end.

Despite all the hatred his dreams of gaining boxing supremacy are unparalleled. He firmly believes that he has a shot at the title of being the best boxer in the world.

I leave it to u to decide whether he is a delusional boxer or a cyber bully or a diligent sportsman?

Written by Pankaj Sharma

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