Cole Labrant

Cole LaBrant Wiki: Vine, Wife, A Doting Family Man, Health Freak

The Positive & Amazing Social Media Star

Time to know about amazing and charming Cole LaBrant, The Viner with different shades of his personality.
Also known as ” Super Cole, he was born as a confident and ambitious Leo, on Aug 21, 1996,  started his work early on and hit straight into the hearts of his fans.

Parents: his father’s name is Ken and his mother’s name is Sheri. They are both from Alabama.

Siblings: his family is really big and he has 5 siblings. His four brothers’ names are Luke, Jack, Clay, and Tate; and his only sister is named Lily.

Read on to know more interesting details about this favourite star of yours.

Cole Labrant Vines

Cole Labrant

Cole’s vines are snippets of the daily life and concerns of his immediate social circle, family, and friends.

His expression is ardent sincere and heartfelt. His Vines are reflective on of his own world and personality.

He often involves his family and siblings in his Vines and sometimes makes himself a part of his joke.

From the very beginning of his career, Labrant started as a Vine content writer and collaborated with the Vine collaboration channel Dem White Boys which is racing fast towards stardom.

He also had his own popular Vine channel which amassed over 6 million followers.

He has over 5 million fans on his the supercole musically account, over 650,000 Instagram followers and more than 5 million subscribers to his collaborative YouTube channel Cole&Sav with his wife Savannah Soutas.

Shades of Cole’s Vivid Persona

Cole Lambrant regularly takes part in contests running or trending on social media, often with partners like Baylor Barnes and John Stephen Grice.

Unfolding another shade of LaBrant personality is his interest in modelling.

He signed a contract with Water Bluff clothing in 2013, together with his collaborators Baylor Barnes and John Grice from Dem White Boyz.

Labrant is an avid traveller and often features travel videos on his social media channels.

Cole LaBrant has a youthful charm and an ability to reach out to his viewers. He makes his viewers a part of his life and relationships.

He is active in a variety of media formats and posts updates for his fans and viewers regularly.

His youth focuses on human relationships and an understated but deep sense of conviction makes him a very attractive social media personality.

There is an elegance to his articulations and persona that brings out another side of the daily life of the youth. He brings a unique energy and confidence to whatever content he creates.

Cole LaBrant is a very motivational communicator on social media.

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He has a very active social life. He also has a range of interests including photography. He claims to love Jesus but hates religion.

The Love Life of Cole Labrant

The love of his life is Savannah Labrant, a fashion blogger and a social media phenomena.

After dating for about 6 months they realised that they are destined to be together.

Have a look at this video for a fairytale wedding.

In his own words “Before I asked Savannah if she would marry me, I brought out a tiny ring and asked Everleigh if it was OK for me to help be her daddy.”

“I will forever cherish this beautiful moment. Our engagement was just as important for Everleigh as it was for Savannah and me. She has changed my entire life, and now I get to be in hers forever.”

Love is in The Air

Such an adoring husband and a doting dad.

This video spills his love for his wife and the lovely little cherub, Everleigh.

Everleigh also seems to be gushing with excitement for her daddy.

The same feeling reverberated in another video where they enjoyed the daddy-daughter date.

Guys check out the cuteness level here.

Aren’t they amazingly cute?

Cole, A Rage on Internet Social Sites

He is active on popular social media sites i.e. Twitter and Instagram. Cole has a huge number of followers on those sites.

Talking about twitter he has around 146k followers and among them, he is following back 261 people. He has tweeted on the site for more than two thousand times.

And coming to his Instagram account he has 833 k followers and he is following back 145 people. This shows that how popular he has been on the internet and has been able to gain huge numbers admirers.

Cole Labrant Muscles

Another facet of his personality is his passion for bodybuilding.

Cole Labrant is seen with rippling muscles with girls swooning over him in Instagram and Twitter pics.

why don’t u check the hotness level here in these pics

I m in awe of this super talented personality Cole Labrant and I think after going through this write up u will also feel the same.

In the words of Cole himself “I’m not interested in how a person looks on social media, that’s just a highlight real of your life. Who you are when nobody’s watching is your real character. How someone acts when things are bad and life gets tough tells a lot about a person.”

How can one not fall in love with him?

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