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Elaine Quijano: Know 5 Fast Facts About Her – The Lady of Firsts

Elaine Quijano shot to fame when the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) chose her to be the moderator in the Vice Presidential debate in 2016 between Indiana governor Mike Pence and Senator Tim Kaine from Virginia at Longwood University, Farmville.

The 2016 Presidential Elections had stringent campaigns from both the candidates, which gave way to racism and hatred for the immigrants. The lone bright light in these campaigns was the selection of Elaine to become the moderator of the VP debate.

This was because she was among the 36 million second-generation immigrants who live in the US. These were the very people against whom the presidential candidates were running hateful campaigns.

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Born in 1975 in Chicago, Illinois, Elaine has a couple of firsts to her name. Being of Filipino descent, Elaine became the first Asian – American to moderate a national debate. She was also the first moderator to belong to the digital media world.

Besides this, Elaine Quijano became the youngest moderator at 42, after Judy Woodruff in 1988, who did it at 41 years of age.

Elaine Quijano’s Early Life and Sky-Rocketing Career

Filipino by origin and American by birth, Elaine spent her childhood in Skokie and Morton Grove suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

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She received her bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1994, even though she started out at the university studying engineering.This change in fields occurred when she witnessed a fake crime staged by a journalism teacher in her class.

Elaine landed her first gig at WCIA TV, Illinois in 1995. In 1998, she left WCIA TV to join WFTS TV in Florida.

Quijano’s career went uphill when she started working for CNN in 2000. She hasn’t looked back since.

While at CNN, Elaine covered a lot of valuable stories like the 9/11 attack in 2001, The American Invasion of Iraq in 2003, the Colombian space shuttle disaster and the Beltway Sniper attacks.

Her career notched up a bit when she was named the White House correspondent for CNN in 2006.

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Quijano left CNN in late 2009 and joined CBS in early 2010.
She continued to cover groundbreaking stories like the Boston Marathon Bombing, the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre and the 2014 World Cup for CBS.

Elaine Quijano is now an anchor for CBSN, the 24-hour digital streaming network of CBS. She also anchors the Sunday edition of CBS Sunday News.

Elaine, The Fearless Journalist.

Elaine Quijano is known for her groundbreaking journalism and her hard-hitting stories in the entire media fraternity.

She does her work with utmost bravery, and her coverage of some of the stories proves this.

Quijano has done various pieces on ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’ or ‘PTSD’, mainly due to the fact that most of the veterans suffer from it when they come back from war.

Quijano hit back at the government in 2011 when the White House excluded the families of the Veterans who committed suicide from receiving letters of condolence from the President.

Elaine also did a ground story on Latinos who supported the then President-elect, Donald Trump. It went by the title “Nuestro Amigo: Latinos for Trump”. Her story focused on this rare breed of voters who lived along the U.S. – Mexico border.

Elaine Quijano is a Well-Known Mama’s Girl.

Elaine Quijano

Elaine has always talked humbly about her mother. She has time and again mentioned the hard work her mother has done in her life to get through with the basic necessities of life.

Once, while doing a video conference with the students of the College of media at her Alma Mater, Elaine spoke about her mother’s tough childhood. She said:

My mom came from humble beginnings. In the Philippines, as a little girl during World War II, she lost her dad in a US airstrike against the Japanese, who had occupied a nearby village. He just didn’t come home one day. My mom was five, and as the daughter of a seamstress, and one of the four young children, she wasn’t surrounded by opportunities for success. But she went to school, she grew up, and eventually graduated from college—no small feat when you stop and start your studies multiple times in order to support your family, and when your own mother asks, not with malice but with genuine confusion, “Why are you going to school? You’re just going to be a seamstress like me.” My mother was 28 years old when she finally earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting. That education allowed her to immigrate here to the United States, ultimately paving the way for my sister—an MIT graduate—and me.


Is Elaine Someone’s Better-Half or Not?

This seems to be the most important question among all her fans/admirers. Sadly, Elaine sails a tight ship when it comes to her personal life. Despite being pretty famous, not much is known about her love life.

There have never been any rumours about her having a husband or any kids, she might have had a relationship or two here and there. But the talented young lady has never been married.

As of now, no other information is available on Elaine’s personal life or her getting married. But do not worry, whenever there is something out there regarding Elaine’s love life, we’ll be the first ones you hear it from.

Elaine’ Awards, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Elaine Quijano is hyperactive on all her social media handles. She posts and shares stuff regularly on her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Elaine won the extremely prestigious News & Documentary Emmy Award in 2014 for “Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News Story in a News Magazine.”

She also got nominated for the Emmy awards in 2015 for “Outstanding Investigative Journalism in a Regularly Scheduled Newscast”.

Written by Pankaj Sharma

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