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Emily Blunt Top Movies You Must Watch

Born on 23rd February 1983, Emily Olivia Leah Blunt, majorly known as Emily Blunt is an English film actress having dual British and US citizenship due to her marriage with her American husband.
It’s been almost a decade, and Emily is all set to spread her magic all over the Hollywood. So let us look back at her journey and presenting you the top 5 movies which marked her talent in the Hollywood.

5. The Devil Wears Prada

Although the main protagonists of the movie were Meryl Steep and Anne Hathaway, but her strong and powerful role of supporting character couldn’t let the audience ignore her, thanks to $300 million earning worldwide. Starring Meryl as a hellish boss as well as senior editor of the fashion magazine and Anne as an out-of-the-college intern surviving her way through the industry and her co-worker, Emily as another secretary of Steep, the movie highlights the satirical plot over the fashion industry. This is one of her most successful movies.

4. Charlie Wilson’s War

Although the role of Emily Blunt was not a big one, but the quality overcame the quantity this time as well. Emily Blunt’s acting became memorable earning her many critical appreciations. Directed by Mike Nichols this period dramedy includes Tom Hanks as a real life US Congressman who works with CIA to tilt to balance the Afghan-Soviet War.

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3. Edge of Tomorrow

We’d all seen Tom Cruise cruising all his way and helped save the world from the alien invasion; it was time to watch Emily as his badass trainer teaching him some cool moves throughout the movie. If you are looking for one of her remarkable roles in movies, go for it!!

2. Looper

Rian Johnson’s 2012 sci-fi flick is all about the human life-death struggle with his future self. Among this dilemma and the turmoil, the film includes Emily Blunt as a single mom fighting for her son and protecting him at any cost. Indeed, one of the best movies to watch!

1. Sicario

Director Denis Villeneuve managed to pull the issue of the international drug trade with 2015’s Sicario, starring Blunt as an FBI agent who teams up with some pairs of CIA operatives to bring down a Mexican team. Regarding plot outlines, it’s boilerplate stuff — but in Villeneuve and screenwriter Taylor Sheridan’s hands, and through the stellar efforts of the well-chosen cast, the end results are thoroughly appreciated.

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