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Eve Kilcher is the lead lady of the popular reality show, Alaska: The Last Frontier. The show airs on Discovery channel, and it has been gaining the substantial TRPs since the day it has started.

Eve’s husband Eivin Kilcher is also part of the show and is playing the role of her husband in the show too.

The show rests on the life of Kilcher family and displays how they survive in the harsh climate of Alaskan Wilderness without using much modern technology.

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The show has arrived at its sixth season and is still touching heights because of its fan following.

Eve contributes ninety percent of her time in the garden. The family calls her as the most significant green thumb around, and she is capable of generating the good amount of vegetables in the abridged growing season.

Eve and Elvin are also authors, and they have written a book, ‘Homestead Kitchen: Stories and Recipes from our Hearth to Yours‘.

In their debut book, the Kilchers shared 85 original family recipes.

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They also gave tips on gardening, preserving, foraging and shared the knowledge and techniques they have gained from their family.

Eve Kilcher Family

Through necessity will help anyone looking to decrease their environmental dependence and become less dependent on mass-produced food and products.

The Kilchers live a completely sustainable lifestyle, hunting and foraging for their food, making their own clothes and remedies, even building their personal cabins.

Eve’s Early life is a Mystery

Eve Kilcher is a name that stands itself for a fighter now. She did her early education in her hometown.

But Eve Kilcher has not revealed any personal details about her early life. She hasn’t told the name of her parents and even her age publicly.

Her birth date and birthplace were unknown too. There might be some reasons for her not to proclaim many personal details.

But with some digging, we have come to know that she was born on July 8, 1984, to Dena Matkins and Craig Matkins.

Love Life of Eve and Eivin Kilcher is Inspiring

Eve and Eivin Kilcher are an inspiration to many who questions if true love exists. Not ever friendship turns into a love affair and then marriage.

This fantastic couple has set such a beautiful example in front of us. After years of the love affair, the two got married with a wedding ceremony in August of 2011.

Since then the two are happily married and has two children. They live in a cabin provided by Eivin’s father.

Eve pays her complete attention to gardening while Eivin takes care of hunting, fishing, gathering food and recipes, maintaining and fixing things around them.

The two live a hybrid lifestyle using less modern technology and more traditional ways.

Eve Kilcher: The Responsible Mother of Two Kids

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After getting into the acute scene of Alaska with her husband Eivin, she is now the mother of two babies. Her first child came to the earth on November 24, 2013, and they named the cute baby-boy Findlay Farenorth Kilcher.

Then, on September 24, 2015, they welcomed a second child Sparrow Rose Kilcher. Her Instagram account is filled with the beautiful pictures of their baby.

The couple spends much of their time in collecting food and wood for winter, but once in a while, they have fun with each other in the wilderness of Alaska.

The beautiful Alaska landscape has buried dangers, and the mother of two is quite aware that she will be teaching them about the danger that will always wait for them. Eve Kilcher told that she would tell them not to run under horse’s feet and about berries which are harmful.

Even after the arrival of their adorable kids, they didn’t choose luxury over thrill and are living a primitive life together.

Eve Kilcher Net Worth is Decent

The net worth of Eve is around $2 million. She shares her net worth with her husband. Apart from being an author of a book, her main source of income is the show itself.

We wish Eve and her beautiful family a happy and adventurous life ahead.

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