Famous Celebrity Engagement Rings (Part 1)

Flaunting the jewel-studded ring has been quite a fashion statement and the year 2020 has seen some of the biggest celebrities adorning their enviable engagement rings.

Many a time girls chose these gems reflecting a vision of their personalities.

Let us have a sneak peek at these beauties.

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Coloured Stones

Colored stones have always been gathered admiration over the years among celebrities with likes of Princess Diana’s iconic Oval Sapphire Ring.

Katy Perry announced her engagement with Orlando Bloom through an Instagram post showing off her pink oval diamond, encased with eight white diamonds in a floral shape, worth $3.7 million.


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Elizabeth Olsen showcased her unique emerald stone encased by a halo of diamonds, revealing her alliance with her beau Robbie Arnett.

Colored Stones engagement rings were always chosen by the aristocratic families. The most famous and iconic was flaunted by Lady Diana and Prince Charles which was a stunning traditional aristocratic sapphire enclosed by diamonds. This ring was later adorned by Kate Middleton.

Emerald Cuts

If you aspire to be glamorous yet classical, then you must possess an emerald cut piece. An emerald cut stone is usually created in a single stone setting and it shines through its unique style and cuts.

Jennifer Lopez flaunted her emerald cut engagement ring weighing approx.18 carats, which was gifted by her beau Alex Rodriquez. The ring is estimated to be of astounding $1.4 million.


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The X-Men star Jennifer Lawrence was also spotted adorning an emerald-cut center, solitaire. This ring has the diamond deeply set on a thin delicate band, envisioning the traditional style.

Claire Roberts, the co-founder of The Vintage Ring Company, exclaims “First popularised in the Art Deco era, the emerald cut is the diamond shape of 2020. Long and lean, with precise linear facets, it has a real presence in a single stone ring, combined with authentic vintage charm.”

Art deco

Art Deco style engagement rings are the style statements for the fiery 2020s. The geometric patterns and the vibrant jewels put these statements pieces at the forefront and are becoming the favorite choices of the contemporary brides. And more so as these pieces of jewellery can be customized according to personal whims and fancies.

The Iconic Joker Star Joaquin Phoenix gifted his girlfriend Rooney Mara with a Diamond set in unique art deco shape.

Rooney Mara

On the other hand, Scarlett Johnson also wore a light brown pear-shaped stone set on a curved black band.


Pearls and diamonds have been on the global fashion statements since time immemorial.

It was quite evident when the Archduke Maximillian of Austria commissioned a diamond ensemble marking his engagement to Mary of Burgundy.

Recently, Emma Stone showcased her pearl ring created by Kataoka, a Japan-based jeweller. Her Instagram account flaunted her prized possession which features an immaculate pearl set on a pave setting.

The actress Michelle Williams also depicted her own pearl engagement ring, presented by her beau Thomas Kail on the Golden Globes red carpet.

Pearls are said to represent faith, loyalty, and harmony and are seemingly preferred by these celebs.

These celebrities have certainly earmarked fashion and styling statements.

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