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Halston Sage loves her character in The Orville. She loves her family, her dogs and the horses. Her previous trip to Greece was amazing.

She was born on May 10, 1993, raised in Los Angeles, California. So her current age is 24 years. Her height is 5′ 5”. Halston Sage has worked on various movies including the minor movies and decent budget movies. Two of her movies Grown Ups 2 (2013) and Neighbors (2014) has grossed over $100 million in the US alone. 

She played good roles in the movies and tv shows like Before I Fall and Paper Town (movies). Currently, she plays an important character on the Sci-Fi adventure show named The Orville.

In this post, know how she felt working in the movies over the years and what she thinks about her character in The Orville. Followed by some very interesting and few previously unknown facts about Halston Sage.

Role of Halston Sage in Before I Fall

Halston Sage in Before I Fall

In Before I Fall movie Halston Sage played the role of Lindsay Edgecomb, a girl who lives like she could take over the world if she wanted to. 

But in an interview, Sage revealed that her character was like that to actually hide the vulnerability that she felt because of her parents going through a nasty divorce.

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In real, Halston feels pity for her character and also thinks it was not a much challenging role to play.

Because she had the fair share of experiences of mean girls in high-school. And she didn’t have to go back too far to go through those feelings.

Working in Paper Town

Halston Sage in Paper Towns

She played the character of Lacey in Paper Towns. She says that teenagers are human beings with feelings too. Adapting the roles of these young adult novels and playing the character is a heightened experience.

It makes you feel less alone and less crazy. It makes you realise that you are not actually crazy and so many other people go through the same thing you are going through in your teenage years.

Halston Sage loves her family, her friends, her dogs, Greek food, and wine. So much that she could be stuck all day with these things every day and feel amazing.

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She loves books so much that she could talk about them all day long. Here favourites are The Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll, Brain on Fire by Susannah Calahan, and Welcome to the Monkey House by Kurt Vonnegut.

Halston Sage on Her Character on The Orville

Halston Sage in The Orville

The first episode of the very first season of The Orville series was aired on September 10, 2017, on Fox. It’s a sci-fi adventure series directed by Seth MacFarlane, and Halston Sage is playing an essential character in the show.

Her character’s name is Lt. Alara Kitan, and she appeared on the show from the first episode.

Here’s what she has to say about her character and the script. “I think my favourite thing about the script is that I hadn’t read a character like Alara, someone of my age, ever.

She is the youngest and smallest, and the least experienced officer on the ship. She’s also the chief of the security. So, she’s the one protecting everyone.

To me, that was very exciting because she was really someone that I would have looked up to if I had been watching her on tv growing up.

So, I was excited about it.”

Here’s the video where she talks more about her brand new show.

Interesting Facts About Halston Sage

Halston Sage Sexy Facts

  • She actually has applied to the journalism program previously. She was the editor of her high school’s newspaper. And she likes interviewing people.
  • Halston Sage and Sam Boscarino are the best friends.
  • Her full name is Halston Jean Schrage, and she is a Jewish.
  • Halston Sage began her career in modelling at age 14, which was easier to break into since she was located in Los Angeles.
  • She was in a relationship for almost three years with James Maslow. They are good friends now.
  • She loves horses. She rode horse competitively for eight years of her life. Name of her two horses that she used to own is Camille and Scout.
  • She was also nominated for the MTV Movie Award ‘Best Kiss’ for her onscreen kiss with Rose Byrne in Neighbours (2014) movie.
  • She has two younger siblings, a sister named Kate and a brother named Max.
  • Halston Sage was rumoured to be dating Zac Efron.

Halston Sage Kissing Zac Efron

  • Her acting career launched with her role of Grace on the Nickelodeon series – “How to Rock.”
  • As of now, New York City is her favourite city in the world.
  • She is obsessed with 80’s movies. Curling up in pyjamas on weekends and watching 80s’ movies is her favourite thing to do.
  • She loves oldies music.
  • Her favourite trip was when she visited Greece. She describes the country and the whole trip as a beautiful one.

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