Heidi Maetrix Interview

Heidi Maetrix Interview: The Incredible Cosplayer With a Kind Heart

Heidi Mae Herrington was born on August 21, 1988, in the United States and her zodiac sign is Leo.

Heidi goes by the name Heidi Maetrix in the world of Cosplay. She is a talented singer, actress, model and an amazing Cosplayer.

She was generous enough to give some of her precious time to Wassup Celebs for an exclusive interview.

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It was a fun time doing the interview with Heidi.

And I would say, she is hard working and an amazing person with a kind heart. Here goes the interview.

Myself: How did you start doing cosplays?

Heidi Maetrix: I started getting into cosplays because my brother (@brosephdavid) and my sister (@lilshootie) and I, we make YouTube music videos parodies, So I got into the Cosplay by accident because we started making our own costumes for our YouTube videos. And then, one of my friends invited me to a Con for the first time.

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I have never been, my friend was like yeah wear one of your costumes from your video and it was really really well received. I had no idea that the whole world existed.

Before that I was making the YouTube videos, So we started making costumes for the videos and then also taking pictures of Cosplays and posting them on Instagram and then the whole thing just started.

As Heidi has near about 200k Instagram followers now and she also makes YouTube parody videos that gets a lot of views. So, I asked her the next question.

Myself: What’s the main thing you want to proceed with?

Heidi Maetrix: The main thing I want to proceed with is create original characters and a world for them. Make it something where, the people that follow me, we all Cosplay together. Still do regular parodies, still do Cosplays, but one of the big goals that I have is to create an original character.

There’s not a lot of really kick-butt female characters, for now there’s one like Wonder Woman. But I have always been a anti-hero kind of girl. My goal is to make a character that is sort of, what I wish existed, and then make it everyone else to Cosplay with me.

Myself: How many Cosplays have you done till now?

Heidi Maetrix: There’s probably a lot of handful of them. And probably the most successful ones were my Harley Quinn Cosplays and Penny Quinn, most recently.

I love that one, about that one I had the idea when I was on tour and I went home for three days. I had to make the costume in two days and then I shot all of the pictures in one day and then left the one to go back on tour.

So that was pretty crazy but totally worth it. My sister and my mother helped me with some of the pieces because we were like the clock were ticking. And I was like, I gotta make them but it worked out really really well.

Myself: Who makes your Cosplay costumes?

Heidi Maetrix: Majority of my costumes I make by myself, and if I need any help on any certain piece, my mom will usually help me because she is been making costumes for like 20 years for the theatre show that we had, when I was younger.

So typically I would make it all by myself or have my sister. I would ask her for help like, hey can you help me with the Penny Quinn boots. So we been watching Game of Thrones and painting my Penny Quinn shoes.

But the majority of it is myself and I pull my mom and my sister to help if the time is less.

Myself: How did you get the idea of Penny Quinn?

Heidi Maetrix: It’s the combination of two characters, Harley Quinn and Pennywise.

So, I am going to CCXP in Sao-Paulo next week. And I wanted to bring a cosplay that nobody have every seen before to their Con.

This is such a big Con and I really value all of my Brazilian fans. They are just sweetest people, I wanted to bring something special. I loved the I.T., watched it twice in theaters and I wanted to do Pennywise and by the time I was home from tour because I was gone for a very long amount of time.

By the time I was home, Pennywise was done like a million times. So, I didn’t want to do what everyone else has done.

I wanted to have a different take on it and I wanted to change it. The character of Harley Quinn who is sort of a clown type and Pennywise merged really well together.

But my main objective was it to be like, as sinister as Pennywise. It’s almost a darker version of Harley Quinn. Like, if Harley and Pennywise had a baby, this baby would be 80% evil and 20% not.

So when I shot all the content, I wanted it to be more like Pennywise instead of being like Harley Quinn.

My photography the majority of it is done by myself and my brother. So, I had my brother take the pictures and then I edited them. So I really make sure that I got the feeling across my photos.

Myself: WatchMojo, one of the biggest YouTube channel used Heidi’s image as a thumbnail in their video, So I asked her about it and here is her response.

Heidi Maetrix: Yeah, it was funny because my followers were commenting like, yeah you are on WatchMojo, you are the thumbnail for one of their video.  I was like which one, I had to look around for a little bit.

And then I found it and I was laughing because the title was the 10 Most Overdone Cosplays and like there’s my face.

Myself: Who writes for the parodies that you make?

Heidi Maetrix: When we make the parody, Myself, my sister and my brother we write them together. So, we’ll listen a song and we hear a song and we would be like hey, what if we parody that.

And then we’ll throw ideas around, we’ll write the lyrics and then we source the music out but we write, record and mix the song all by ourselves.

Heidi is a pretty nice singer, so that fact brought me to the next question.

Myself: Are you planning to sing any lead song, or single?

Heidi Maetrix: Yes, that’s actually one of my biggest goals to record a song. My own song, I write my own lyrics. I haven’t found a musical writer, music producer yet to work with. But that’s definitely one of my plans because.

I’d love to sing and I have sing since I was two. Admittedly I was not very good at it, at two but  I have sang since I was two years old.

And it’s the huge love of my life and music has been always a massive part of it. That’s one of the reasons why I love our music video parodies because I get to sing in them.

And you know feature the Cosplays and yes to answer your question, singing is definitely one of my goals.

Myself: Heidi is also a Star Wars fan. So I asked which is her favourite Star Wars Character?

Heidi Maetrix: Oh man, so my favorite character is Obi Wan Kenobi, mostly because I have read all of the Jedi Apprentice books that came out a long long time ago.

That talks a lot about Obi Wan’s back story, his character and he is in my opinion just awesome.

I really like Ray but I don’t know enough about her yet, to say that she is my favourite.

Depending on how The Last Jedi goes, she could become my favorite. But for now it’s Obi Wan Kenobi.

My next question was the following one because I knew that Heidi wants to visit Japan.

Myself: Why do you want to visit the Japan most?

Heidi Maetrix: So, I love Anime. I absolutely love Anime. I love the Japanese culture, I love the art, I love the food. I would get in the line and look up Japanese things.

A long time ago, there was this trend in the states called scene kids. It was based on the Japanese fashion, the bigger hairs and cute accessories. And for like at least 15 years I wanted to go to Japan.

Now 15 years a long time, so I asked why haven’t she been to Japan as she has been traveling for a significant time.

It’s mostly because, my touring takes so much time. I only have a month here or there, that I would actually be able to go to Japan. But I don’t want to go for five days you know.

I would like to go there for like two weeks to a month and to really be immersed in the culture. So I haven’t had that opportunity come up. Every time I have had a month or so, something else just come up.

That has kept me from able to go there but One of my biggest goals is to go there on spring when they have their Cherry Blossom festival.

So from a time I am trying, so that I can get there. But that’s my biggest travel goal to go to Japan.

She posted few Instagram stories about watching The Punisher, So there went my next question.

Myself: Have you finished watching Punisher and What do you think about the series.

Heidi Maetrix: I really really like it and I am I think two or three episodes away from the end. A lot of people I hear didn’t like it, but first of all John Bernthal is an amazing actor. I loved him since he was Shane in The Walking Dead.

I like how gritty it is. I like the realism they had in it. I grew up watching the X-men cartoons, Spiderman cartoons and so i love when the characters mature along with me.

You know, I am an adult, so I like more mature, darker and deeper storylines. So, when Logan came out I thought that was amazing.

They really grounded the Wolverine’s character in much more adult world. Which I thought was incredible.

So, other super hero comics and characters be, when they take them and ground them in deeper storylines, it’s not like ohh the power of friendship, tada dada tada.

That to me is really really amazing. So, for those reasons, I really liked the Punisher show.

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Next, we had a little would you rather segment and here it is. 

Would you rather always have to say everything on your mind


Never be able to speak again?

Heidi Maetrix: Ooohh, That’s a good one. I would rather have to say everything that’s on my mind. Because I could just sort of tell people, well, I have to do this. You know you could sort of excuse it, just a condition that I have.

But if I could never say anything again, I wouldn’t be able to communicate with anyone. It’ll be difficult. So, I have lost my voice, quite a few times on tour.

It’s really difficult, not being able to talk. I have had some experience back.  So Im gonna go with the first one.

Would you rather lose all of your money and valuables


All of the pictures you have ever taken?

Heidi Maetrix: I rather loose all of my money and valuables. Because for me, photography is an art. I have put a lot of time, effort and heart into the photographs that I take and edit. 

So, if I lost all the ones that I took, also be like my brother’s photos, my sister’s photos and my friend’s photos. Photos to me hold memories, much more than money or objects.

Would you rather Know when you’re going to die


Know how you’re going to die

Heidi Maetrix: First Heidi said that I rather know how, I don’t wanna know the exact time. Because you always in your mind you always be.

Well that’s rough, In one way, when you knew about the time when you are gonna die, you’d always be thinking like, Oh I got this much time left.

But on the other hand if you knew it wasn’t for a long time, I would rather know, When I am gonna die. Im gonna change that.

Because if it was a short amount of time, I would of course be motivated to do everything that I wanted to do then. And if it was a long amount of time, you really take of a huge pressure of you because you know, Im not gonna die today.

So, I can do whatever I want.

Would you rather be the first person to explore a planet


be the inventor of a drug that cures a deadly disease?

Heidi Maetrix: I would rather be the first person to explore another planet. I have always loved outer space and exploration and seeing new things.

To be the first one to like walk on a planet that haven’t been explored yet would be awesome.

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Would you rather End the life a single human being


100 cute baby animals?

Heidi Maetrix: I would rather kill 100 cute baby animals, as horrible as that is. Because a human life I think is invaluable. In my opinion you can’t put a price on a human life.

If there was a scenario where someone was going to be murdered, but you had to kill 100 puppies. Clearly, I would kill puppies as much as I hate animal violence. But murder is worse, in my opinion.

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Would you rather Win $50,000


let your best friend win$500,000?

Heidi Maetrix: I rather let my best friend win $500,000. A huge think in my life, which you know probably for following me is, I make it a goal to use my influence to be a positive force in the world.

Because there are so many people, today who are very self observed. I don’t mean that as a selfish, I mean that as in the majority of people, especially of my age only look things as how they relate to them.

How does that make them feel. And they don’t consider or think about other people. I have always made my goal to treat how other people wanna be treated. If it’s within my power to be kind to someone. If I can make someone’s day better, then I should.

That’s how I have lived my life for at least 10 years now. So, I would rather let my best friend win $500,000, then because to me spreading kindness is the biggest goals for a person in their life.

There it is guys, the complete exclusive interview with Heidi Maetrix. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

You can follow Heidi on Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube channel here.

Written by Pankaj Sharma

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