Jeremy Lindholm

Hollywood actor hit his Girlfriend 13 times with a ‘Bat’

Twin Peaks television series actor Jeremy Lindholm has beaten his girlfriend over an argument. He first appeared in court on Thursday and charged with attempted murder. The 41-year-old actor didn’t show any emotion when the judge handed him $100,000 bond.

According to TMZ,  the police says they were called by a business owner that a person is beating some girl with a baseball bat. The whole incident was brutal and caught on camera.

When the police arrived Jeremy tried to flee and was still carrying the bat. Eventually, he surrendered in the alley while confronting the officers and taken into custody.

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Lindholm had a talk with an officer while being in custody and he revealed the reason for doing this horrible act. He didn’t deny doing it, not even once.

He was arguing with his girlfriend all day at their home, she left home to get something to drink for Jeremy and never returned. The guy got angry and went to her work place and hit her with a bat several times and even punched her.

The actor even choked his girlfriend and said he was going to kill her. Later he told the officer he did not want to hit his girlfriend, he did this because he wanted the police to come, see him beating a girl and shoot him on the spot in front of her.

Which in my opinion is a pretty ridiculous thing. If he wanted to die in front of her, he could get a gun and shot himself instead of beating the crap out of a girl. No matter the reason behind this, what he did was terribly wrong.

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Lindholm was booked into Spokane County Jail for Attempted Murder 2nd degree, 2nd-degree assault, and several other charges.

IMDB profile of Jeremy Lindholm has ten credits to his name. I believe he won’t be getting any more of them.

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Written by Pankaj Sharma

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