Cameron Diaz Homeless Woman

Homeless Woman Returns Cameron Diaz’ Wallet, as She Lost It

Cameron Diaz went for a dinner on Thursday night in a highly expensive and exclusive restaurant called Matsuhisa, in Beverly Hills. Unfortunately, she lost her wallet outside the place and went home, while being totally unaware of this.

Then comes a homeless woman who found the wallet that had Cameron’ cash, I.D., Credit Cards etc. She went inside the restaurant asking for Cameron but was told that the actress already left.

The homeless woman stayed outside the restaurant, and someone from inside called the cops. Telling them that one homeless woman has the wallet of Cameron Diaz.

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The cops arrived after some time, and the woman gave the wallet to cops without any hesitation.

No word from Cameron is out on this incident. But the homeless woman definitely deserves a reward for her help.

Maybe Cameron can hire her to work at her home and give her shelter for the honesty. As honesty and loyalty are hard to find in the modern society.

Source: TMZ

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Written by Pankaj Sharma

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