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Hot Amber Rose Blasts VH1 Dating Shows, Calls Them “Horrible”

Hot Amber Rose Blasts VH1 Dating Shows, Calls Them “Disgusting, Horrible”. Amber Rose recently targeted VH1’s reality dating shows for their blatant misogyny and depiction of women. She said that she did ’14 Days of Love’ for VH1 during Valentine’s Day and they played back all the taste of Love and Rock of Love and s– like that. The hot star added that as it came out first, she found it amazing, and she could watch it all day but when she watches it now as a feminist and a different person, she feels it is disgusting, and it’s downright horrible.

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Rose’s co-host Dr Chris Donaghue revealed that he was offered a reality show of his own years ago on Bravo, but turned it down because he didn’t want to sell himself out. The show would’ve covered his dating life, hot body and he had made up his mind not to encourage any anti-feminist ideas.

He said that they’re selling each other, not just in hot results out just to get the guy and he couldn’t deal with it. He would feel how people could confidently show this part of themselves to the world and couldn’t believe what people were doing on camera.

Amber Rose, after revealing that she received a hot offer to be on the first season of Love and Hip-Hop, said that Amber Rose wasn’t interested will never be interested in being on the show.

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Amber Rose and Chris also discussed The Bachelor, a show that has been in the news lately for announcing the show’s first ever African-American bachelorette in its 21 seasons. Amber Rose spoke about some of the controversies following this decision and her issues with those controversies. Amber Rose said that she thinks it’s cool that she is suffering a bit because the black community wants her to pick a black man but she thinks it’s completely wrong as it is. She has all rights to follow her heart and to be open to anyone, especially in today’s time.

The two hosts went on attacking the show saying they haven’t been watching the show as it started to exhaust them. The show was so standardised and ho-hum in the gender dating norms that they used, which is kind of gross. All these women fighting over a man like that’s the only thing left in their lives. They gave up and walked away from their jobs to find a man!

The anger is real!

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