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Hot Emma Watson’ a Book Fairy. Is There Anything She Cannot Be?

To mark International Women’s Day, Emma Watson decided to launch Book Fairies as a worldwide phenomenon. She decided to leave over 1000 Feminist- centric books in public (mainly London and New York) places for all to enjoy. This hot star went out on the streets of New York dressed as a red-striking Ninja book-fairy as she likes to call herself. In New York, her aim for the day was to go around the city hiding the books at the statues of iconic women.

Emma Watson Hot

Emma Watson, who stars in Disney’s adaptation of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ has partnered with Book Fairies and celebrated Women’s Day in an amazing fashion.

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Book Fairies was started in London but has now spread to over 26 countries. What a great initiative, Emma Watson! She left books like ‘Mom & Me & Mom’ by Maya Angelou, ‘Half the Sky’ by Sheryl WuDunn and Nicholas Kristof, ‘Persepolis’ by Marjane Satrapi etc. Well, this is hot enough to handle Emma!!

Emma Watson documented her day in New York on Twitter as she left books at the Harriet Tubman Memorial, the Memorial of Joan of Arc, the Eleanor Roosevelt Monument, etc.

@oursharedshelf’s March & April book is #WomenWhoRunWiththeWolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes ?

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Each of the books had a hand-written note by the Harry Potter star and most of these lucky recipients shared pictures of the book and notes on Twitter. Hot Emma Watson also encouraged people to read the books and keep passing them on to other lucky readers!

‘The Book Fairies’ currently has over 6000 followers on Twitter, and the fandom is constantly on the rise. There is nothing more enriching than reading books, and hot Emma Watson has portrayed this wonderfully. More power to you, Ms Emma Watson.

Emma Watson Hot

But, the star’s life hasn’t been without controversy in this new year. Emma Watson’s Hot Vanity Fair Shoot made her the target of a lot of criticism with people all over the world because they say she is being a hypocrite. The reason behind this slew of hatred is that Watson was wearing just about enough clothes to cover her modesty. The actor had a lot to say about the backlash, asking her fans and critics how her having a photoshoot could make her a bad feminist? Restricting women’s choices and telling them what to wear is what is wrong with today’s society, she claims (and we agree with her).

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