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Hot Megan Fox Brilliant Facts You Need to Know Right Now

Born on 16 May 1986, Megan Denise Fox is, majorly known as Megan Fox, a total heart hot throb among the nation in a true way. She is the renowned actress and a modern sex symbol who is among the most attractive female Hollywood celebrities. Her fans love her for her exotic beauty and charisma, but there is always a hint of mystique that won’t let you take your eyes off her from this hot beauty. For this article, we have collected some of the most surprising facts about Megan Fox which will make your eyes pop off.

5. Nyctophobia

Simply known as the fear of the dark. Yes, it’s true. Despite being such hot and angelic beauty, after all, she is also a human and is afraid of the dark! However, she explains, that her fear of the dark is mainly because one of the results of a childhood trauma.

4. She has dated a Russian female stripper.

We know you almost had that jaw of yours dropped when you read this but it’s true, she has dated a hot Russian stripper that worked in a club on Sunset Boulevard. However, she denies being a lesbian and believes in being attracted to people of the same sex.

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3. Obsession with PEZ candy.

Fox does have a strong liking for these types of sweets. Hot Megan Fox claims it’s her favourite candy and has almost a collection of 30 unique PEZ candy dispensers.

2. Survived a shark attack

Although, she is said to be a really good surfer and had been around the sport and mastered it pretty well and reportedly surfs even today. Megan Fox has come face to face with one of the terrifying encounters with a great white shark while surfing her way. Luckily Megan Fox survived what must have been a bloodily-encountered situation, and but everything is good.

1. Lost her toenail

I know, you cringed at that because we did too when we got to know that Megan Fox revealed in an interview with People she had lost her two toenails during the filming of Transformers, the movie which acted as a great turning point in her career.

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