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Hot Nicki Minaj Came Out With New Tantrums and Trend

Nicki Minaj Claims that She Doesn’t Have to Respond to Remy Ma’s ‘Lies’ and Releases Songs That Break Diss Track Tradition. The hip hop world has underestimated the power of Nicki Minaj in today’s day and age. A lot of people thought that Nicki wouldn’t respond to the 7 minute diss track released by Remy Ma. Ma is a rapper with whom hot Nicki has been on dubious terms with since both of them started their career in 2007-2008.

NIcki Minaj Hot

Remy Ma has released 2 Diss tracks titled ‘Shether’ and ‘Another One’, showing the world of hip hop that she is better than hot Nicki Minaj and that Nicki is completely fake and there’s nothing original about her. She has used the same beat as Nas did when he dissed Jay Z in the 2000 track titled ‘Ether’. She’s spewing a lot of bad stuff that she has to say about Minaj in a typically styled diss track.

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Nicki Minaj, on the other hand, has kept her cool and has played by the pop rule-book. She knows how to deliver hits and not just ‘diss-tracks’. Indeed hot, right? She’s collaborated with Drake and Lil Wayne, making sure that her tracks reach the Billboard charts and that she’ll leave a mark. Nicki even did a quick Instagram lyric video to her Instagram challenging Ma to come up with a hit in 72 hours. Nicki further went on to add that she would give Remy half of a million dollars if she could get a show or interview without mentioned Nicki’s name (Minaj does refer to herself as the ‘Queen’ here).

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Minaj’s ‘No Frauds’ is already #1 on the iTunes charts only 12 hours after being released. Nicki Minaj’s worth (which is currently at 70 million USD) is only set to increase post this feud with Remy Ma. No doubt that even Remy Ma has gained a few more followers due to Minaj’s name being attached to her own. She should thank hot Nicki Minaj in her next track. Haha, we don’t want to add any fuel to the fire, we just want to see what happens next!

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