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Jaden Smith dead? Well, No guys. Here is The Complete Proof

Jaden Smith lands new role opposite Cara Delevingne in ‘Life In A Year’, Despite his claims of quitting Hollywood. It looks like Jaden Smith isn’t parting ways with Hollywood for good after all. Recent reports say the young actor has just bagged a new role opposite actress and model Cara Delevingne in the film, ‘Life In A Year.’ The film follows the story of a 17-year-old boy and his journey to give his terminally ill girlfriend their entire life with each other in the short time that she has left. Both Jaden Smith and Cara will appear in the leading roles. Well, we all remember his hoax dead news?

It's Prolly Cause I'm From The Snow

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Jaden Smith hasn’t had a good fortune in the box office these last few years but many news circulated of him being dead. His last film, starring him and his father, named- ‘After Earth,’ failed badly at the box office back in 2013. And was also slammed by critics for being one of the worst films that year.

The news has left fans surprised, as it wasn’t too long ago that Jaden said he would be quitting Hollywood for good. Wait, is he doing that because of this fake dead news? Jaden Smith made these statements in a bizarre rant that he recorded on his cell phone right after he presumably failed his driver’s license exam.

In his rant, Jaden Smith said that certain bad things are happening in Hollywood while speaking out against certain people in his life that don’t support his creativity and work. Jaden, in his Live Instagram post, said that he is about to move out of LA as there are a lot of bad things there. He suggested all to create a life that they want for themselves and not try to be somebody else.

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Jaden’s father, Will Smith, has been widely criticised for his children’s improper upbringing. Will even accept in an interview last year that he and his wife have made some slips along the way and also explained that the couple might have gone out of the way in encouraging their kids freedom of expression.

I'm Trying Something New, For The Youth. |||

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Well, It is surprising how Jaden Smith has changed his view and is planning to re-appear on the screen. Man of words?

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