Jennifer Lawrence, Darren Aronofsky and Kardashians

Jennifer Lawrence Praised Boyfriend, Took Help From Kardashians

“Jennifer Lawrence never felt confused with her current boyfriend, that’s 22 years senior. She took help of the Kardashians and appeared on four covers of the September issue of Vogue.” 

Jennifer Lawrence Being on Four Covers

Why four covers? If this question arose in your mind, then you and I have something in common. Usually, magazines have one cover for a month, then why four?

Because this issue is a 125th Anniversary Issue of Vogue and they definitely and obviously wanted to make it special. And they chose Jennifer Lawrence to transform her into a country girl, a city slicker, and even—somewhat remarkably—the subject of an oil painting across four commemorative covers.

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And she looked stylish in golden, cute in oil painting, beautiful in a natural pose and sexy in a lovely red dress in front of the statue of liberty.

Jennifer Taking Help of The Kardashians

Jennifer Lawrence and Kardashians

Well, not directly like asking for their help in something. But here’s what happened. Jennifer is a huge fan of Keeping Up With the Kardashians show that airs on E!.

As things turned out a bit dark on the sets of Mother! movie. The crew created a Kardashian tent for Jennifer Lawrence.

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This tent was having pictures of Kardashians, and few episodes of their hit show were playing on loop. J.Law called the tent her happy place.

Jennifer loves the show so much that she said the following. “I can give one solid hour of my life away for the Kardashians.” However, her new bae Darren Aronofsky isn’t fond of it. “He just finds it so vastly disappointing,” the actress explained.

So, indirectly Kardashians helped Jennifer to get rid of some, we can say dull moments.

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Jennifer Lawrence Relationship

Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky

Rumors are around for almost a year about J.Law being in a relationship with the director of Mother!, Darren Aronofsky. The film is an upcoming mystery drama.

In the interview with Vogue, Jennifer admitted of being in the relationship with Aronofsky.

By stating that they both begin dating after wrapping up Mother!

Lawrence said, “We had energy, I had energy for him. I don’t know how he felt about me.”

Jennifer also likes the fact that even being a former student of Harvard, Aronofsky never brags about it, like other people who studied there. The actress says, “he is not a snobby Harvard man.”

Aronofsky is a father of a son from his previous relationship with Rachel Weisz. And J.Law praised him by calling him an amazing father.

Jennifer also called Aronofsky just a human but a brilliant one.

“I’ve been in relationships before where I am just confused,” she added. “And I’m never confused with him.”

Clarity in a relationship is a crucial part, and I hope and wish nothing but the best for the couple.

Talking about Mother!, Aronofsky says, “I think [Mother!] works as a truthful, realistic relationship movie . . . but also works on an allegorical plane, too.”

mother! hits theatres Sept. 15

Four Covers of Vogue Featuring Jennifer Lawrence:

Stylish Look of Jennifer Lawrence in Golden Dress

Super Cute look of Jennifer Lawrence

Beautiful and Natural Click

Sexiness at The Best in Red Dress

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Written by Pankaj Sharma

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