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Jessica Rogan: 3 Mesmerizing Facts about Joe Rogan’s Wife

Joe Rogan and his wife Jessica Rogan met, dated for a year and got married. She worked as a crew member in the industry and also worked as a cocktail waitress at some point in her life.

Joe Rogan is a great comedian, and the guy has also worked as an actor and host of shows like Fear Factor. However, we are going to talk about his wife Jessica Rogan here.

Jessica Rogan was previously known as Jessica Schimmel. She was born on June 28, 1978,(39) and is the daughter of comedian Robert Schimmel. Her siblings are Derek, Aaliyah, Jacob, Sam and Max Schimmel.

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I will cover three mesmerizing facts about Joe Rogan’s wife, and that will cover everything about Jessica Rogan. Yes, just three facts, because there isn’t much information about the lady out there. As she tends to keep a low public profile nowadays. So, let’s get started.

Jessica Rogan and Joe’s Flawless Marriage

They started dating in 2008 with a strong attraction and tons of romantic emotions. That lead to their marriage merely after a year of dating. Jessica and Joe Rogan got married in 2009.

The fascinating thing about their marriage is that it’s been more than seven years. And we never heard a single rumor about the couple fighting or about the separation. No external affairs from any side, not even a single controversy is known.

Now one common question that might arouse in everyone’s mind after reading about them is this. How did they actually met? And, I don’t know, nobody knows except the nears and dears of the Rogan family.

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From this, we can get an idea that Joe Rogan doesn’t like to talk about his personal life in front of media.

But if I had to guess, as Jessica was born in the house of a comedian, she might have liked people who made her laugh. So, somehow she met Joe and she liked something special about the guy and boom. They started dating. It’s just an assumption.

The couple has three lovely daughters, and two of them are Joe and Jessica’s. Their first child was born in 2008 while they were dating and the second one was born in 2010, after their marriage.

Joe is the stepfather of Jessica’s first child from her previous relationship.

The Rogan family is living a quite happy life in Bell Canyon, California.

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Jessica Rogan Lives a Hidden Professional Life

Jessica Rogan Joe Rogan Wife

It’s not like she’s doing something wrong or illegal. While Joe is the front face of his work, Jessica works behind the scenes as a crew member, and we can also say as a television producer now.

Jessica has worked in The Simpsons, Hollywood, and Divine: Beauty Secrets Revealed and Howard Stern. The net-worth of Jessica is not revealed yet, but according to CelebrityNetWorth, Joe’s net-worth is $23 million. 

Her Instagram profile says the following: “I have a boring life of driving whatever car I want.”

She Grew Up With Comedians (Life Before Marriage)

She attended the University of Arizona and did majors in Psychology as a pre-med. Jessica revealed this in an interview back in 2004.

While the girl was in Arizona, she stayed in a relationship for five and a half years with a Canadian guy. That she claims to be a very nice person.

Jessica’s father Robert Schimmel was one of the greatest comedians. She was privileged enough to party alongside Hollywood’s biggest comedy personals.

She has spent quality time with Rodney Dangerfield, Waynes Brothers, Kevin Nealon, Michael Keaton, Jay Leno, Michael J Fox and more.

The now television producer has also worked as a cocktail waitress at some point of her life.

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Written by Pankaj Sharma

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