Jillian Mele

Jillian Mele: The Cute & Gorgeous Anchor, Wikipedia, Age, Instagram

Jillian Mele the 35 years old Fox news channel anchor is also a dog lover and wine enthusiast, according to her Instagram profile.

Jillian’s professional career is based around Philadelphia side. The gorgeous lady also plays Golf and wears Nike shoes while playing.

She loves to hang out with her friends most of the time. She is an essential part of Fox & Friends show.

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Earlier this year in February, she has also done Sky-Diving. About doing this exciting activity, she posted the following on Instagram, “This was never on my list of things to do in life but @rob__schmitt made me do it, and I survived to talk about it. So overall, I feel like that’s pretty darn good.”

Jillian Mele has also won an Emmy Award for her work in journalism. You will know more about her in this short article, consider this the short Wikipedia version of the anchor.

Current Work Life of Jillian Mele

Jillian Mele - Fox and Friends

Jillian’s work schedule is not similar to most of the people living on the planet. As the beautiful anchor wakes up at 1:15 am and starts working by going through the Twitter feed and collecting news.

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She likes to drink coffee after waking up, but just one cup of it is enough for her to kickstart her daily routine.

She reaches the Studio J around 4:40 am where her show Fox & Friends First is taped. She works there with her cohost Rob Schmitt, and this is what Jillian has to say about Rob.

“Rob’s a great guy, and we have terrific chemistry on camera, which is so important for an early-morning show like ours,” she told philly.com.

After shooting the show, doing live interviews, checking Twitter between the commercials, moving around to 12 stories in the building, interacting with viewers and after doing a lot of stuff she returns to her apartment around 11:00 am.

Jillian Mele’ Instagram

She does not have millions of followers on her Instagram account but her account is verified, and around 36.1K people follow her on this platform.

There she updates her life’s moments where she is hanging out with friends, behind the scene images at Fox Studios, pictures of herself during anchoring, doing skydiving etc.

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As I mentioned earlier she loves to play Golf, the most recent post on her Instagram is playing the Golf in pink and black attire. But this is not the first time she posted a video of herself playing golf; she has also done this quite a few times previously.

Can’t stop, won’t stop. ?️‍♀️⛄ @flourtowncc @gdavispga

A post shared by Jillian Mele (@jillianbmele) on

Jillian’s Cute Side

There is a really cute side in the personality of Jillian Mele. It shows as anyone scroll through her Instagram. She occasionally posts the cutest kind of updates on Instagram. With the caption, “Who wore it the best?”

In images, she chooses a cute cartoon character whose dress or skin colour is similar to Mele’s dress that she would be wearing on that day. She does the comparison between herself and the cartoon character, asking her followers, “Who wrote it the best?”

For your enjoyment, it’s the latest round of who wore it best! ?? @smurfsmovie

A post shared by Jillian Mele (@jillianbmele) on

I find that super cute, and going through her Instagram, I realized that there is cute side, beautiful side and happy side in her personality.

Relationship and the Net worth of Jillian

She is in a relationship, but the name of her boyfriend is not disclosed in public. She has kept this information private, but she has cleared the fact that she is in a relationship.

Jillian disclosed this information via her Twitter account.

The net worth of the tv anchor is around $900 thousand.

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