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Joanna Gaines Ethnicity: Biography, Wikipedia – Know All About Fixer Upper Star

Ardent fans of reality series cannot miss out on the Fixer Upper, one of the trending reality shows which transform and remodels people’s homes.

Joanne Gaines, a ravishing TV personality hosts this show along with her husband Chip Gaines.

The couple has been designing the dream homes for over 12 years now. Joanna Gaines Ethnicity is the most talked and discussed detail about her.

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This charming girl was born in Kansas, on April 19, 1987, to her loving parents Jerry and Nan Stevens.

You will know all about Joanna like education, her marriage with Chip, her passion for her work, her kids.
And most importantly Joanna Gaines Ethnicity – the intriguing reality of this reality star.

Ready for the mystery to be unfolded!!

Hop on our fun ride.

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Joanna Gaines Ethnicity

Joanna Gaines and Chip Gaines

Joanna shares a mixed ethnicity: Korean, Lebanese and German.

How? Well, Joanna’s mother is a Korean and her father is half Lebanese and half German.

She has been asked this question in time again and again.

In fact, she enjoys all these assumptions and answers this question quite wittingly. This 39-year-old beauty did reveal that she was half-Korean but was born in Kansas.

Joanna Gaines, an Arian, is sometimes considered to be a Native American.

“I love hearing all the guesses. Although I did play Pocahontas in high school, I am not Native American. My father is half Lebanese and half German, and my mother is full Korean,”

She wrote on her blog, Magnolia.

Well, I feel that Joanna Gaines ethnicity gives her all the gorgeousness of both sides.

Joanna Gaines’ Passion, Early life and Marriage

Joanna did her graduation in Communications from the Baylor University.

After taking her degree, she shifted to New York for pursuing an internship in designing. Her childhood was challenging one as often she had to face bullying.

But undeterred with a passion for hitting something big in life, she continued to strive harder in life. Joanna joined her father in the automobile business that he ran.

Later, she opened up a boutique in 2003 after getting inspiration from one of the boutiques in New York.

Her art developed to interior designing, and her ideas were catchy and freshly inspiring others to redecorate their homes.

Joanna Gaines and Chip are made for each other and they realized this when they met for the first time in her father’s automotive business shop.

After dating each other for some time they walked the aisle on March 31, 2003. During these 15yrs, both of them made a great team with common interests. In fact, it seems God’s will that they are together.

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They have been blessed with four children viz.Emmie Gains, Duke Gains, Ella Gains, and Drake Gains.

On being asked how she manages to do it all with filming, raising four kids, and running a business,

Joanna replies beautifully, “Short answer is I don’t. Do I fail and make mistakes? Every day. I have an amazing husband, a wonderful support system, and a strong faith that God would not have brought me this opportunity without giving me the strength and grace to fulfil it.”

I want you to check out her passion for decorating and beauty in this video.

Maybe u can also get inspired by her simplistic designs which are so doable.

Chip Gaines: Perfect Life And Business Partner of Joanna

After meeting her Hubby Chip, she discovered that they had a similar passion for designing customized homes.

Chip Gaines, her husband, is a construction and real estate genius having the knack of turning a simple house into a sparkling gem

Paired with Joanna Gaines a designer having an eye for the cheap and affordable market steals.

Together they created more than 100 dream-houses.

The magical couple owns the firm, Construction Company, Estate Company, and residential subdivision, Magnolia Villas.

Before this Joanna Gaines used to work in an all you can eat buffet named Magnolia Homes, which is currently owned by this couple.

And thus started the journey of success with the show named Fixer Upper, offered by HGTV channel after getting impressed by their work.

Later on, she opened a joint venture with her hubby “Magnolia Market.”

This loving couple has also co-authored a book named ‘Magnolia Story’ sharing every life experience from marriage to business.

Celebrities and commoners, line up to make this power couple decorate their homes.

Net Worth of Joanna And Chip

The couple’s estimated net worth is about $10 million. A big part of this credits to her hit show Fixer upper.

The net worth is undoubtedly seeing a surge as now she is earning around $30,000 per episode.

Gaines’ have gained a significant amount of their wealth through a variety of small business ventures such as Waco Rental.

Together they also make a quarterly real estate magazine, Magnolia Journal.

The magazine reportedly contains more over 700,000 subscribers costing $20 per year.

The couple owns a house which is a century-old farmhouse spread on the 40 acres of sprawling countryside.

They have wowed the house design with unique religious features indulging the casual country décor, and with re-purposed vintage furniture.

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