Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather

Justin Bieber Keeping Distance From Floyd Mayweather and It’s For The Best, Know Why

Justin Bieber has done a lot of stupid stuff previously, and now he doesn’t want to repeat his mistakes. Love Yourself singer and professional boxer Floyd Mayweather used to be buddies but not anymore.

First, back-step was taken by Justin, and I think it is one of the best decisions of Justin’s life. According to TMZ, “the folks at the Hillsong Church have been counseling Justin for months on taking a hard look at his friends and pulling back from those who are bad influences.”

Justin reacted on this and unfollowed Mayweather on Instagram. He didn’t say anything to him, as Justin only wants to maintain distance from bad influences. You’ll know what kind of impact is there if you look at Floyd’s Instagram account. I don’t recommend looking at it but only if you want to get the idea, here’s the link.

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It’s just bad influence, and it is what it is.

See this Instagram story of Justin and Floyd from 2015.

@floydmayweather x @justinbieber in #BoraBora ??? #TMT

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Do you know what I see in this video, A grown up spoiling a famous, rich and a super talented artist! Justin is talented but he’s not spoiled anymore, he has become a better man.

And following the advice of Church was another step towards greatness for Justin Bieber. Now, the Church didn’t point out Floyd as a bad influence individually, they let Justin decide on his own.

People like Mayweather are bad influences, he could be a good man somewhere, but his habits are not. And that’s enough reason to stay away from him. Check out this video below, and you’ll know how and why you should be careful while choosing your associations.

Now TMZ also says that Floyd got angry after Beiber unfollowed him and he announced him as his enemy and traitor. The reason, because Floyd stayed with Beiber during tough times when everyone was attacking Justin.

Now I just hope and wish that Justin doesn’t get emotional here and try to bond with the guy. Because Mayweather could be one the reasons, Justin was getting attacked by people for doing stupid things. And Floyd might have stayed with Justin saying that don’t care about those people, just enjoy life and do stuff that Mayweather thinks is cool.

Bad influential people try to make emotional bond by doing such acts, but trust me they will do more harm to your life and public image than doing anything good for you. I just hope and wish the best for the amazingly talented artist Justin Bieber.

I am not against Floyd Mayweather. I just used his name as the reference to a bad influence.

You are welcome to share your views on this issue in the comments below.

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Written by Pankaj Sharma

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