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Kara Hayward Wiki: Know Everything Cool About Moonrise Kingdom Star

Kara Hayward is a cat lover, generous enough to do the charitable work. She rose to fame from Moonrise Kingdom and over the years the actress has changed a lot for the better.

Kara Hayward, the young American actress, was born in Boston, on November 17, 1998. That makes her current age 18 years.

Her mother’s name is Karen Hayward and father’s name is John Hayward.

When she acted in Moonrise Kingdom in 2012, her age was just 12 years. It was not her first role as an actress, but it was the big role for her career.

During a summer camp, she acted in her first play and during that she discovered her passion for acting. We have gathered many interesting things about the actress. You would love knowing about her.

Consider this article as little but more interesting Kara Hayward wiki. So let’s begin.

Getting a Role and Working on Moonrise Kingdom

She took part in an open casting call for Moonrise Kingdon and was selected to play the role of Suzy Bishop. This movie was her debut film as a lead actress at such an early age of twelve.

Design Your Own Engagement Ring

She got the opportunity to work with the brilliant cast members like Bruce Willis, Edward Norton and Bill Murray. In an interview, Kara expressed her feelings and experience of working with the big stars of Hollywood.

She said that they all were so nice to her and she learned so many things from her seniors. The girl admitted that Bill Murray is really a cool person. Talking about the director Wes Anderson, Hayward said that he’s such a nice person and would make you feel very comfortable to work with him. He’s very kind.

Because of the cast, big budget and as one of the lead actress Kara had to a lot of interviews.

Successful Movies of Kara Hayward

Kara Hayward

Kara Hayward has worked on two highly successful movies till now. Moonrise Kingdom (2012) and Manchester by The Sea (2016). Both movies were successful and loved by the audience and critics alike. The IMDB score of Moonrise Kingdom is 7.8/10 which is pretty good.

The budget of the movie was $16 million, and just the U.S. gross revenue was $46 million. It was nominated for an Oscar in the category of Best Writing, Original Screenplay.

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Her role in the second significant movie Machester by the Sea was not as big as the first one. But her role was important, and the film was a huge success and won 2 Oscars.

It’s IMDB rating is 7.9/10 and won the Oscars in the following categories, Best Original Screenplay and Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role. The movie was also nominated for Best Motion Picture of the Year.

The budget of Machester by the Sea was just $8.5 million, and the movie grossed over $48 million in the U.S. and $62 million worldwide.

Hobbies, Likenings and Other Talents of the Star

Kara Hayward Friends

Kara Hayward loves doing acting, and it’s her passion. But apart from that, the girl has other hobbies. She enjoys dancing, reading and writing. Kara is a little poetic and loves to write poetry.

Her poems and artwork have been published locally as well as in books such as A Celebration of Poetry and Inspired. Dracula by Bram Stoker is one of her favourite books.

She loves the Pitch Perfect (2010) movie, and it’s her favourite. Rebel Wilson hosted the MTV Movie Awards in 2013 and Kara was very excited about that. She expressed her aww emotion when she came to know that Rebel Wilson was going to start her performance of hosting with Pitch Perfect.

Kara Hayward: A Cat Lover

She named her cat Gino and Kara love him. During the shooting days of Moonrise Kingdom, she was allowed to carry her cat around the sets.

Becoming a Teenager With Surprises

After the Moonrise Kingdom, she worked on a small budget movie, The Sisterhood of Night.

While filming that movie, Kara Hayward turned 14 years old. And the cast of The Sisterhood of Night was so kind and sweet that they threw her a surprise birthday party.

The Personality Development Over The Years

Over the years her personality and way of talking have changed a lot. If you see the following video that was before the release of Moonrise Kingdom, you will notice few things.

That she’s a little bit conservative and shy and having a little difficulty in expressing herself. You can even say that she seems a little afraid that she might say something that she’s not supposed to say during an interview.

She seemed very careful.

Now have a look at the following video interview of Kara Hayward happened at one of the red carpets of the premiere of Manchester by the Sea.

In this video, she seems very confident and charming. A person who doesn’t care much about what others will think about her. The right kind of words just comes out of her mouth automatically.

She has developed a real change in herself.

Kara Hayward Had a Fan Girl Moment

In an interview, Kara shared her fangirl moment. It happened in 2013. In her words, she said, “I was 13, I was at Cannes for Moonrise Kingdom, I was at the dinner party after the premiere. And I felt someone tap on my shoulder, and I turned around, and it was Alec Baldwin.  ”

Apparently, he just asked me where I was from, and I was there like my mouth hanging open and hear him. It was really embarrassing. But it was so cool because I was like, I met Alec Baldwin.”

See her expression by yourself in the video, where she tells the story of her fangirl moment.

Kara Hayward Nominations

Up to date, she has been nominated for 14 awards from which she has won two of them. In 2013 at The MTV Movie Awards she was nominated for the Best Kiss award along with her co-star Jared Gilman.

It was the sweet kiss the little actors performed during Moonrise Kingdom. But the award went to Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence for their kiss in Silver Linings PlayBook.

Check out the sweet dance and kiss scene between Kara Hayward and Jared Gilman.

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