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Katherine Timpf: Untold and Shocking Truth About The Journalist

Katherine Timpf has appeared on numerous shows on Fox News.
In Q4 2015 and July 2017 something shocking happened with Katherine that no one can ever forget. She is single at the moment but interested in dating.

Katherine Timpf was born on October 29, 1988, in Detroit, Michigan in the United States. Currently, she lives in the New York city. She has the white-American ethnicity and attended Hillsdale College and graduated in 2010 with a B.A. in English.

She represents herself as a libertarian, not as a conservative. Kat Timpf says that there is something about me for everyone to hate. But there’s also something about me for everyone to agree on.

She carries a proactive and quick-witty personality. She appears on numerous shows on Fox News channel, and she’s a writer at National Review Online.

Mainly, Katherine Timpf is currently working as a co-host for Fox News Channel’s afternoon show called Fox News Specialists. The show airs on weekdays at 5 pm. She also appears as a correspondent on Greg Gutfeld Show that airs on Saturdays at 10 pm.

Her life is going pretty good at this moment. But she has also experienced terrible things in her career. In the fourth quarter of the year 2015, she suffered death threats and enormous hate from the Star Wars community.

And recently in July 2017, someone dumped a full water bottle on the journalist. But we’ll talk about that later, let’s cover the Star Wars thing and other few things about Katherine Timpf first.

Katherine Timpf Felt The Wraith of Star Wars Fans

Katherine Timpf Star Wars

It all started when Katherine made some jokes about Star Wars on Red Eye, a satirical political comedy show that airs at 3 a.m. on Fox News Channel.

Now let me tell you that Star Wars movies have made more money than any other Hollywood films. Like literally Star Wars revenue out numbers every Hollywood movie. The series has a huge fan following.

Now Katherine made the following comments on Red Eye.

“I have never had any interest in watching space nerds poke each other with their little space nerd sticks, and I’m not going to start now.” Followed by this.

“Yesterday I tweeted something, and all I said was that I wasn’t  familiar with Star Wars because I’ve been too busy liking cool things and being attractive.”

Star Wars community took these words way too seriously and bashed the journalist with hate comments and even death threats via tweets, comments, and emails.

Not only this but on November 21, 2015, a Youtuber named AlphaOmegaSin a Star Wars fan, of course, released a ten-minute video about hating on Katherine Timpf for hurting the feelings of Star Wars community.

This Youtuber came pretty hard on the journalist and so as his subscribers. People were leaving comments like:

“Wouldn’t it be great if she was beaten to death with “space nerd sticks”

“Wow what a f***ing thunder c***. I hope this b**** gets hit by a f***ing car.”

In the video AlphaOmegaSin anyhow spoke against the death threats that Katherine received. He said no one deserves to die for being f***ing stupid. At the end of his video he said, he needed to get this off from his chest.

After watching the video Katherine Timpf felt that she needs to speak her mind too. So on November 24, 2015, she published a post on National Review titled ‘Katherine Timpf: No Apology For Star Wars Jokes.’

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In the article, she added a bottom line stating, “If you are telling me that I should die and/or apologize for making a joke about a movie you like, then you are too sensitive. You have the problem, not me.”

She ended the article with the following words.

I’m sick of oversensitive mobs in our overly sensitive society bullying people into saying that they’re sorry over jokes — even if the subject of the joke is something as serious as Star Wars. So, for that reason, I will not apologize.

Also, I just don’t have time. After all, I am too busy liking cool things and being attractive.

Katherine Timpf didn’t mean to hurt anyone, but even from my personal experience most of the nerdy people who love sci-fi things have nothing good to do in their actual life. So they seek a reason to put out their frustration, and Katherine became the victim of that just because of a joke.

Miscellaneous Work of Katherine Timpf

Katherine’s first official job was working as a video and print reporter for Leadership Institute’s CampusReform.org in Arlington, Virginia. She uses to cover abuse, bias, fraud, and waste on college campuses.

Timpf has done political commentary expressing her libertarian and millennial views related to feminism, culture, economic issues and political correctness.

Katherine Timpf worked as the news anchor for NASA’s Third Rock Radio. Before that, she worked as a digital editor for The Washington Times and later on she worked as a reporter and producer for Total Traffic Network in Santa Ana, California.

The journalist has appeared on various television and radio programs including but not limited to Stossel, Red Eye, Fox, and Friends, On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, The Greg Gutfeld Show and more.

During her tenure, she has worked with Megyn Kelly, Greg Gutfeld, Larry Wilmore and many more reputed people.

Katherine Timpf’s Work as a Reporter and a Comedian

Kat Timpf is a journalist at National Review Online for many years now. The reporter writes columns and articles on topics addressing cultural over-sensitivity and government overreach. In her work as a reporter, she always uses sarcasm, satire, and humor.

On March 20, 2016, Katherine started a weekly podcast called ‘The Kat Timpf Show.’ She uses to talk on random subjects with the guests, along with sharing moments from her personal life. I don’t know the reason behind this, but the show is discontinued, and no previous podcasts are online now.

The reporter has a talent for bringing a smile on public’s face. She used her this talent by performing stand-up comedy at venues like The Improv in Los Angeles and Gotham Comedy Club in New York. I did not find any of her performance videos on YouTube.

Katherine Timpf was also a featured comedian on the morning drive radio show on Baltimore’s 98 Rock.

Someone Dumped a Water Bottle on Kat Timpf

Katherine Timpf Angry

It happened on Monday night (July 24, 2017), Kat was at an event in Brooklyn for Ben Kissel’s campaign for Brooklyn borough president.

She told the cut that she was waiting her turn to speak when a man she didn’t know “walked up, tapped me on the shoulder, I turned, and without saying a word he dumped a giant bottle of water on my head.”

Katherine explained that it scares her to think that someone is out there who knows her and hates her so much.

After the incident, she posted the following tweet.

Her fellow journalists immediately showed their sympathies to Katherine with several tweets telling her to stay strong.

The whole incident was recorded by the venue’s security cameras. Timpf approached the police and showed them the footage and also filed a report. But sadly she doesn’t think they will do anything about it.

“I think they watched the video to humor me,” she said. “Maybe I’ll just have to wear a raincoat every day. I’ll just walk to work in a hazmat suit.”

It’s just sad when something like this happens.

Katherine Timpf is Single, and There Were Some Dating Rumors

Kat Timpf is single and has never been married before. Previously there were some rumors on Instagram related to Katherine dating a guy named Joel Pavelski. Joel is an editorial director for Distributed Platforms at Mic.

Upon finding out Katherine shut down the rumors with the following tweet.


They both are quite nice individuals working together in the field of journalism. Timpf later agreed about both being just friends with a platonic relationship.

She uses to talk about her personal life a lot on her weekly podcast. I think Katherine didn’t get the results as she expected. So now she refrains from talking about her personal life publically.

Katherine Timpf Net Worth and Salary

She has kept her financial figures confidential. No one apart from who gives her the salary or herself knows the exact amount that she gets. But I am sure that by working at Fox News she must be getting pretty good payments.

Usually, American co-hosts are paid an average salary around $51k annually. Her salary could be near about that amount.

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