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Kerris Dorsey: 4 Coolest Things About Ray Donovan Actress

Kerris Dorsey is a charming young lady and an artist with great potential. For the last few years, she’s portraying the character of Bridget Donovan perfectly in Ray Donovan tv series. 

A lot of things happened in Bridget’s life, and Kerris adapted to every situation perfectly and did justice to her role.

Kerris was born on 9 January 1998, in Los Angeles, California, United States. Her height is 5’7’’, and the birth sign is Capricorn.

She originally came to fame with her role as Paige Whedon in Brothers & Sisters tv series from 2006-2011.

John Dorsey is her father’s name, and she also has an elder sister named Justin Dorsey. Justin is also a 22 years-old actress known for her TV movie A Grandpa for Christmas.

She also appeared in few episodes of Brothers & Sisters.

Here we are talking about the talented Kerry Dorsey, and you will now know the coolest and interesting things about the lovely actress.

Journey of Kerris Dorsey as an Actress

Kerris Dorsey Ray Donovan-a

At the age of 19, Kerris has 25 credits to her name including tv series and movies. Recently she got a lead role in a horror movie named Totem.

The film was directed by Marcel Sarmiento and was released on October 31, 2017, in the USA. Rating on IMDB is not positive of the movie, but the review of Bloody Disgusting is a bit positive with 3/5 score.

Kerris Dorsey is playing the role of Kellie in this movie, and the story revolves around her family. This is a big thing for the actress. Horror genre movies don’t attract the mass audience, but still, it’s a new turn in the life of Kerris.

After all, she’s the lead actress in this movie, and I am sure her acting would be of high calibre in the film.

She started with a small role in an Oscar-winning movie Walk The Line (2005), as Kathy Cash and now she has her own film.

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It took her more than ten years to achieve that. Along the way, she has worked with several great actors, including Brad Pitt.

She played the role of Casey Beane, the daughter of Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) in the hit movie Moneyball. I hope and wish all the best for her future.

Kerris as Singer with Beautiful Voice

Kerris has a beautiful voice, as she can be seen in Ray Donovan singing with her on-screen boyfriend, Marvin.

Kerris Dorsey also plays the guitar as beautifully as she can sing. In season three of Ray Donovan, Bridget plays the guitar while sitting in her room.

Even in real life she loves singing and playing the guitar. She has her YouTube channel where she uploads videos of herself singing the top hits and playing the guitar.

Here’s Kerris singing A World Alone by Lorde in her video, she uploaded in 2014.

Next video she uploaded in August 2016 that was herself singing No Woman by Whitney Cover.

Here are the finals words in her video’s description. “Anyway. Here is my cover of No Woman. I’ll see you around! I won’t wait two years this time, I promise. I’ll wait FOUR. No, I’m joking. I’ll be back soon. Okay. Bye!”

I guess we’ll see more of her songs but when we don’t know. It’s already been more than a year.

The actress seems too busy with her acting schedule.

Kerris Dorsey Dating Clay from 13 Reasons Why

Yes, you read that right. She is currently dating the guy of almost every teenage girl’s dream. They worked on a film together, named Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day in 2014.

Kerris Dorsey and Dylan Minnette developed a chemistry and started dating. Till now their relationship is going pretty strong.

I believe they both are lucky to have each other.

Social Media Appearance of Kerris

She has near about 100k followers on her Instagram and Twitter account combined. She uploads images on Instagram and tweets after every couple of days.

It makes clear one thing, that she is busy in her real life, rather than being on social media. Which is a great thing.

Here’s the last image she posted on her Instagram, it was about Ray Donovan tv series.

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