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Kim Kardashian Selfies!! Where have they disappeared? 

Are Throwback Photographs a Thing Now? Ask Kim K! Kim has been posting pictures of herself and her loved ones regularly, but it has been 22 weeks since we’ve got a proper ‘Kim Kardashian Selfies’! This is too long a wait, Kim! In the past one week has posted five throwback pictures. Some dating to a time when she and her older sister Kourtney were still in their diapers and on their way to school! How adorable. #sistergoals.

Just a day ago, Kim posted a throwback picture of herself when she was nine years old, her sister Kourtney, who was ten years old, along with two of their pals from back in the day! Kourtney is smiling widely, showing all of her pearly whites, whereas Kim is posing like a little princess waiting for one of her whims and fancies to be addressed!

Throwback to when Kourtney & I were 9&10. Not sure what’s cooler Allison’s LA Raiders boxers worn as shorts or Kourt’s Reebok pumps & hair cut and me doing a hair flip per usual

Compra hoy en

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Just a few hours before this throwback photograph, the three sisters Kourtney, Kim Kardashian and Khloe had posted a few pictures of a road trip they had embarked upon. It was not only documented on Instagram, but there were numerous updates on Snapchat as well, ensuring that all their fans knew exactly what they were up to and where they were headed. Again no selfies anywhere!! Too bad!! Khloe was entrusted with driving the three of them in a classic two-tone, white and cherry red Chevrolet Bel Air with only two doors. After a while, Khloe made sure to let her fans know that Kourtney is a bad driver and keeps changing her clothes in the backseat! Hoping any selfies for that? Well, bad luck!!

Palm Springs ?

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But guess what, soon after the picture (without any selfies) of the road trip, Kim, who was feeling nostalgic, took to Instagram to post another throwback picture of herself and her sister, Kourtney from 16 years ago! In the picture, Kim was 19 years of age, whereas Kourtney (wearing a cowboy hat) was 20 years old. It looks like Khloe missed on almost all of Kim’s throwback pictures. Why? We really don’t know.

But it looks like Kim is back in the spotlight now, post the tragic robbery that took place in her Paris apartment on October 3, 2016, and her almost 2-month long absence from social media. We wish Kardashian all the best and hopes she blesses our feed with more of her perfect selfies!

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