Lena The Plug

Lena The Plug Wiki: Untold Truth About The YouTuber Lena Nersesian

Lena the plug is a cam girl on Snapchat and a Youtuber who promised her subscribers a sex tape upon hitting a million subscribers and broke that promise upon hitting around 999,000 subscribers. Her real name is Lena Nersesian.

Lena grew up in Glendale, California, the area has Armenian communities, and Lena’s family is Armenian. She was raised in a conservative environment that had Christian influence and traditional culture.

Her parents expected her to be a good lady, and become a regular person like a doctor, dentist or a psychologist.

Talking about dating and sex was not allowed in her family at all. So, I would say, it was quite a conservative environment in which Lena got raised.

Now according to Lena, the conservative environment does not matter much. But man, she is so wrong here because this thing can trigger strong influence psychologically in someone’s life. I think it is one of the reasons she is doing things which she is doing these days.

She dated her best friend for four years after they crossed the boundaries of being friends. And Lena is proud to date this girl in college for these years. But she is not a lesbian, and we can say that she is bisexual.

Lena The Plug

And for the fact earlier this year she had a threesome with her boyfriend and her best friend, Emily. Even videos of that sexual activity are available online.

Let’s know some more shocking things about Lena the plug that is entirely normal things according to her.

Lena The Plug: Sex Tape Promise at 1 Million Subs

YouTubers do all kind of creative stuff to gain views on YouTube. They set subscriber goals and make several types of promises to do certain things upon hitting a number of subscribers.

Lena Nersesian also did something like this, but she crossed the line by promising a release of her sex tape upon hitting a million subscribers on YouTube. She made this announcement with a short video on January 17, 2017.

At that time Lena had just around 10,000 subscribers, and within one month she got 640,000 subscribers.

She said that she is not interested in doing any kind of porn as several companies have already approached her and she has denied the offers to do porn.

But doing sex with someone that she knows and filming it and showing it to the world is no problem for her at all.

So, upon hitting a million subscribers, she will be making a sex tape with her boyfriend Adam22 (No Jumper) who is also a YouTuber. But the condition is he also has to hit a million subscribers.

No Jumper interviews famous people on his channel and Lena the Plug share vlogging videos on her channel.

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Currently, Lena has over 999K subscribers, and she is getting around 2300+ subscribers on a daily basis.

She is about to hit 1 million subscribers but somehow her sex tape is already on the internet, and she released a video about where she broke her promise of not delivering a sex tape officially because her sex clips are already leaked online.

Lena Nersesian Had a Threesome With Her Friend and Boyfriend


A post shared by Lena (@lenatheplug) on

This happened few days before Lena Nersesian announced about the sex tape on a million subscribers. She uploaded the video including her friend and boyfriend talking and having some fun in bed before having the threesome.

No Jumper (Lena’s boyfriend) even vlogged this on his channel. In the video, he tells that he had a threesome several times, but this is the first time being his both partners so beautiful.

He feels terrific about it. The best friend of Lena the plug, whose name is Emily Rinaudo, has an Instagram handle with the username, emilyrinaudo. Her Twitter handle is @emily_rinaudo.

Lena The Plug: Snapchat Premium Membership

Like you know that Lena Nersesian started as a Snapchat camgirl and now she is also a YouTuber with near about a million subscribers.

She sells the 18+ access to her Snapchat handle as a premium subscription for $29.99 via her website lenasplugs.com.

She uploads nudes of herself and much more on her premium Snapchat and also provides a dedicated service to for her premium Snapchat subscribers.

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