Linda Hunt Oscar Winning Actress

Linda Hunt: Few Amazing Things About The NCIS Actress

Linda Hunt is an excellent actress with rich and resonant voice. Linda was born on April 2, 1945, in Morristown, New Jersey. Her zodiac sign is Aries.

Apart from being an actress, she also works as an animal rights activist.

Talking about her family, we know that her dear mother was a music teacher and her sister’s name is Marcia. Who started acting and singing at a young age.

In this article you will know amazing things about Linda, keep reading.

Linda Hunt and Her Life’s Achievements

Linda Hunt played a male character and won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role. This was the role that brought fame in the life of the actress, and character’s name that she played was Billy Kwan in The Year of Living Dangerously (1982) movie.

She made history that day by winning an Oscar for portraying a character of the opposite sex.

Linda has 53 credits as an actress on IMDB for working in various tv series, movies and even providing her valuable voice in commercials and video games as a narrator.

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She has won near about ten awards in her acting career that’s still going on. Some of these awards are Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards, Boston Society of Film Critics Awards, Australian Film Institute and many more.

Linda’ Notable Work in Movies and TV Shows

If you want to see Linda in action then here are some of the recommendations from my end. You will love her work for sure in these tv series and movies.

Her role as Miss Schlowki in Kindergarten Cop (1990) is quite good and commendable. She nailed this scene with Arnold Schwarzenegger where she tells him he doesn’t have any teaching skills.

You can watch the clip video below.

Again in the movie Dune (1984), she did justice to her role as Shadout Mapes. Her expressions and body language are on the spot, proving herself a perfect fit for this role.

Her voice for Grandmother Willow in the movie Pocahontas (1995) is also pretty amazing.

If you want to see Linda in action in her recent acts, then you can watch NCIS: Los Angeles show on CBS. She plays the character named Hetty Lange on the show.

Linda Hunt is Flexible Actor For Sure

Linda Hunt Actress

Linda Hunt has worked in movies, theatre, television and as a voice actor which makes her multi-talented and a flexible actress. Because working in movies and theatre are two different things.

The actress has made a name for herself in the theatre industry before acting into movies. She was nominated multiple times and even won awards for her work in theatre.

Her Broadway debut work was in Ah, Wilderness, which was a 1975 production. In a 1984 play End of the World Linda worked as an actress and was nominated for the Tony Awards for her performance as an actress.

She has a gifted voice, and that’s why she has worked in numerous documentaries, cartoons and commercials as a voice artist.

God of War is a giant video game franchise by Sony Computer Entertainment exclusively for PlayStation. The game is based on Greek mythology, and Linda Hunt provided her voice several times for this game for different purposes.

Once for the character of Management in Carnivàle and second for the protogenoi Gaia and so many more times in different parts of the game franchise.

Some Cool Things About Linda

Her co-workers say very nice things about Linda Hunt. According to one source, she is hard to find on sets because of her short height, but once the camera sees her, she always steals the scene.

Hunt spends her days around the actors who are half of her age and almost twice of her height.

And she loves this fact, and she gets some type of kick out of being surrounded by taller and younger people. Her nature is amazing, and everyone loves being around her.

She has won Teen Choice awards two times in a row.

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