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Lisa Boothe: Untold Truth About The American Journalist

Lisa Boothe is a well-experienced journalist and the current contributor at Fox News channel. The young lady is a Trump supporter and has experience in running senate campaigns. Despite being gorgeous and wealthy, Lisa is still single.

Lisa Boothe was born on October 26, 1977, in West Virginia of The United States. She started going to the University of Tennessee-Knoxville in 2003 and later on graduated with the degree in political science and development in 2007.

She became an entrepreneur upon starting her own company called High Noon Strategies in January 2016. Lisa started this company because of her extensive experience in political communications, working with Fortune 500 companies and navigating crisis situations.

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The company is political communications and public affairs firm, and Lisa is founder and president of HNS.

Prior to that Lisa has been a part of the executive team of WPA Research. And there she led the polling efforts for political campaigns across the country.

The work of Lisa Boothe is commendable, and she’s confident and self-motivated young lady. Let’s know some interesting known and untold truths about the journalist.

Lisa Boothe has Worked on Multiple Senate Campaigns

Lisa Boothe as a Journalist

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During the elections of the year 2014, Lisa worked as a senior director in an investment management company called Black Rock Group. The company is based in New York City and was founded in 1988.

There she led communications efforts for a Fortune 500 company and Super PACs. Her commendable work there led her to be working in the consulting team of the Dan Sullivan for his U.S. Senate race.

Afterward, Lisa Boothe also helped launch and served as the spokeswoman for a Republican polling firm.

Another senate campaign on which she worked was of former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson. This campaign wasn’t a successful one from Thompson’s side, and he lost the race to Tammy Baldwin.

Boothe then worked for three months as a communications director for Congressman Mark Meadows. Lisa Boothe also worked for Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito after that.

Lisa Boothe Supported Trump Previously

During 2016 elections Lisa criticized the news media and spoke in favor of Donald Trump. There were questions about potential collusion between Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia during that election.

Previously, there was a word out about Donal Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer who was offering damaging information on Hillary Clinton. On this, Boothe said that anyone would have taken that advantageous meeting. Even I think she’s right there. As politics is like war and there are strategies involved to put down the opposing candidate.

No candidate should lose the opportunity to acquire the information that can damage their opponent’s reputation or the odds of their winning.

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In one of her articles on The Washington Examiner, she said the following. 

“The Ukrainian government tried to help Hillary Clinton and undermine Trump by disseminating documents implicating Paul Manafort in corruption. They also reportedly helped Clinton’s allies research damaging information on Trump and his advisors. Is it wrong to seek foreign governments’ help in digging up dirt on an opponent, or isn’t it?”

Chelsea Clinton, Hilary’s Daughter Proved Lisa Boothe Wrong

Lisa Boothe made a comment that would be hurtful to any mother and her daughter on this planet. 39 years old reporter said that Hilary Clinton would even sell her daughter to become president. She made this statement while being on Fox News.

A journalist named Yashar Ali tweeted the clip Lisa saying those words.

First calling Hillary the most soulless woman on the planet, Lisa Boothe added, “Who would literally sell her daughter to be a president. Like, if she would sell her only child to be a president.”

I think she should have thought for a moment before saying such absurd thing. If you listen to the clip in the tweet carefully, even people present in the same room said ‘ohh noo’ when she made that statement. They were in a little shock.

But I’m glad that Hillary’s daughter Chelsea Clinton responded to her with a tweet.

No comments were made by Lisa on this after that tweet. I guess she might have realized later on that how wrong she was to make such statement.

Lisa Boothe is Gorgeous, Rich but Single

Boothe for sure is a beautiful lady, and she maintained herself quite well. She earns a significant amount of money per year, that is near about $2 million. Her net worth is around $10 million.

And you will be surprised to know that she has never been married. Lisa doesn’t even have a boyfriend. Whether she has been in any relationship previously or not, is unknown as the journalist don’t seem like to talk about her personal life.

I guess she is more interested in her career than being in a relationship or starting her own family. Even on her social media accounts, Lisa mostly updates stuff and pics related to her work. You can find one or two personal posts sometimes, but mostly it’s work related.

Lisa Boothe loves dogs, and she likes perfection, these both things are clear from her following Instagram image.

It took about 10 photos to get one.

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You can also follow Lisa Boothe on twitter.

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