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Macaiyla: Toxicity With Kind Heart, Know All About Tyler1’s Girlfriend

Macaiyla, the girlfriend of Tyler1, can be toxic with words but she carries a kind heart. Macaiyla is banned from twitch, her nudes are leaked online, she doesn’t care about gaining followers, and she has no intention to bomb any schools.

If you are familiar with League of Legends, then you must have heard the name of Tyler1. The guy uses to be infamous for being a troll and suffering from autism, and so his girlfriend ever since she got attached with Tyler1. But now the couple is redeeming themselves.

Macaiyla and Tyler1 met at TwitchCon 2016, and they started dating after a couple of weeks. Macaiyla fell for Tyler1 because of his looks and gaming skills, and that’s the two things she digs. 

She says that being with Tyler has been most the best and worst experiences of her life. Pretty much screwed up things happened in Macaiyla’s life since she met Tyler1. They both got banned from Twitch. There is a nip slip moment involved, yes.

Tyler1 accidentally leaked nudes of his girlfriend, and they are still on Reddit. I will not link them here because it just doesn’t seem right to promote something very private about someone that they don’t want the world to see or know.

I have covered everything in this article about Tyler1’s girlfriend, Macaiyla. By the end of this article, you will definitely consider Macaiyla as such a nice human being, who truly believes in love, has a kind heart and possibly a great future is waiting for her.

As for Tyler1, I would say a multi-talented guy who use to be a j*rk and a troll is redeeming himself and lucky to have a girl like Macaiyla in his life. He’s got a new channel and when he goes live near about 8k+ people watch him, and that’s a lot.

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He has a solid, loyal fan base and after knowing about Macaiyla, I would say the guy is a lucky bastard to have her in his life. I might cover the details about him in another article in the future, as this one is about Macaiyla, but still, you will know a couple of things about him too. Because Macaiyla’s story is incomplete without Tyler1, so let’s begin.

Toxicity in Tyler1 and Macaiyla

Macaiyla - Tyler1 Girlfriend

Whenever Tyler1 gets angry or frustrated he utters extreme profanity, insults people, act like a bully and don’t calm down easily. Even Macaiyla released a video on her channel titled ‘INSIDER: Living With Autism.’ If you watch Tyler1’s stream anytime that I did yesterday for few hours, he seems like a regular guy, but when he loses a game in any competitive mode, he will use absurd language.

He would even go so down that he would say a thing like this to his opponent, “I can also do your mother.” From what I have observed in few hours the guy just doesn’t know how to handle the losing. I have watched a lot of gamers streaming because I love games too. But Tyler1 is definitely suffering from Autism.

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Macaiyla was no different, as the girl got attracted to a guy with such issues. You can assume that what kind of personality she would be having, the kind of person who doesn’t give two f*cks about anything else but themselves because they believe they are some superior and stuff.

And Macaiyla admitted it in one of her videos. “I use to be a toxic person like Tyler, but I am improving myself. I use to be horrible, and there are some really bad things that I have said. I won’t lie to you guys, I have said some pretty fucked up sh*t.”

But now she found it all childish and turned away from that point of her life. As she is 19 years old now, she claims that she is now 100% mature.

Almost everyone does some dumb stuff as a teenager. For example, have a look at Justin Bieber, he did solid screwed up stuff previously, but now the singer has redeemed himself.

Macaiyla Got Banned on Twitch, Here’s How

She’s permanently banned from talking, streaming and chatting on twitch. She uses to stream on Twitch and play H1Z1 most of the time. Here’s the whole story in the words of Macaiyla herself as she explained herself in a video. 

According to her, It happened three days after her birthday. Her best friend TThump asked her to join TeamSpeak with a bunch of other guys. They wanted to respond to a rude streamer TrailerParkin.

TeamSpeak is a software where streamers do voice chat while streaming. The other thing giving a real competition to TeamSpeak is Discord.

Now you must know that if some have nice friends or loyal followers in Twitch community, then you should avoid any kind of dispute with them. Because if you do, they will gather their people and make your chat a living hell. So TThump was trying to do the same.

Those all friends marched on the chat of TrailerParkin, Macaiyla was one of them. So they were trolling this streamer and in a way attacking him in full force. Then he sarcastically said that Macaiyla is part of the ISIS (The terrorist organization).

In the context of what he said, Macaiyla said the following, “I’m gonna bomb you at twitch con.”

Now people in chat took it seriously, and they reported her.

She was then got banned from the chat room. She thought she would be unsuspended within a week. But later on, she received an email saying that she’s been banned from Twitch.

As much as Macaiyla wants Twitch to unban her so that she can chat freely in the community. She’s not interested in streaming again even if she got the chance to do it.

She says, “I don’t want to stream but if I ever had the chance to stream again, I never would because the type of audience Tyler attracts.

Macaiyla says Twitch has become even more toxic than it was like a year ago. So I don’t know if I want to deal with that and everything that comes with that. If that makes sense. 

If you put yourself in her shoes, then you would realize that her decision is absolutely right and legit at this moment. But who knows about future as she looked pretty happy in her recent videos and gained 24K+ subscribers on her YouTube channel.

She did a random live stream on her YouTube channel on June 15, 2017. Near about 1,000 viewers watched her and some donated too. So, you might be thinking maybe one day she would start streaming full time another time?! Right!

Well, probably not because she recently started studying law as she has a huge interest in the subject, yup! You’ll know more about it, just keep reading.

Nudes of Macaiyla Leaked by Tyler1 Accidently

Tyler1’s girlfriend’s nudes were accidentally leaked online by her boyfriend. It was 3 am, Macaiyla was drinking and having a Skype video call with Tyler1.

Tyler1 took her pictures without asking her, and one day he opened the folder on his computer where those images were saved and boom. The nudes of Macaiyla were leaked online.

She was in a long-distance relationship, and she was doing a Skype call. After this incident memes were made about her and she felt horrible for a long time. Tyler1’s girlfriend still feels terrible about it.

But she also says that she’s not going to apologize for being on a Skype call with her boyfriend, it’s not her fault. So nude stuff was more than just a nip slip. But she’s not ashamed.

But the situation definitely changed her because of how people treated her upon this.

It’s challenging to handle a given situation, and I believe teenagers should learn something from Taylor Swift when it comes to leaked nudes and stuff.

Macaiyla’s Life Before Meeting Tyler1

She was playing games when she was like 3 or 4 years old. She loves Metallica and flowers and snakes. But she really wanted to do acting, singing, just wanted to travel the camps and but her mom couldn’t help her and she doesn’t have a dad.

Her childhood was not good as she lost so many opportunities because her family didn’t support her. She was active in sports including Soccer, Softball, Lacross, Basketball, Volleyball, Track and Swimming.

Macaiyla had faced a terrible eye injury when she was in elementary school. She opened the paper bag, and while doing so a paper cut her eye’s cornea, and she bled like hell. She went to the doctor then. Docs even told her that she could be blind by fifteen, but fortunately, she’s just fine as the girl is 19 years old now.

She has worked as a manager at KFC previously and enjoyed her experience there.

In high school and middle school, she had a lot of friends. But she has never been a part of any drama until Tyler came into her life. She believes drama is unnecessary and childish and there’s no need for it in anyone’s life.

Tyler’s audience is toxic, and she doesn’t want to get involved with his fan base.

Macaiyla’s Life After Tyler1’s Entrance in Her’s

Macaiyla and Tyler1 - Girlfriend Boyfriend

On May 23, 2017, she uploaded a Q&A video on her channel. In which she expressed her views on living with Tyler. From that video one thing was crystal clear that she loves her boyfriend dearly and would not step back from making few sacrifices for him.

Macaiyla is a city girl, she loves to live in the city, but Tyler lives far away from the city. It takes three hours drive to reach there from New York city.

Living there uses to annoy her very much, she even used the word that she despise living there. But you have to support your boyfriend, so I’m managing, she says. She even felt depressed many times because of sitting in a room all the time.

But she loves him, and if you love someone, it’s worth sacrifices to be with them that’s why I live with him, says Macaiyla.

She says, “I couldn’t do long-distance, I don’t need his money, I don’t need his help. I’m here to support him and his stream and whatever decisions he make.”

She strongly says that she doesn’t care about any followers, be the follower, subscribe or not I don’t care. “I have proved it a billion times and I never self-promote on his channel, and I never asked for money in front of him or in general,” she added.

Along with that Macaiyla hates that she has to drive 15 minutes to reach a grocery store.

But in her later vlogs, she seemed quite happy and used to the place. She shared moments of herself doing errands in her daily life and having fun around the house.

But to be honest the place is lonely, there are a bunch of frogs there, but you can hardly see anyone around the house. She claimed in the later video that everything is fine between Tyler and her. And she was delighted and started studying online. More on this is covered later in this article.

The Infamous Bomb Tweet of Macaiyla

Like I said before, teenagers do screw up things quite often. She published a tweet, which I believe was a pretty stupid thing to do as the government authorities take these sort of thing quite seriously.

Here’s the text of that tweet. “Hey FBI I’m in the mood of Bomb a school, Is this ok?!”

Now OMG, who would be stupid enough to tweet such a thing. Guess what, Macaiyla was. But in her defense, she explained the following.

“It was a joke.” She says, “if you see the context, it was a question. I never said that I was going to bomb any school. It’s not who I am who would do such a thing. People know that I am nice. I won’t hurt any kids or school in general. I f**king love kids.”

Macaiyla explained that the bomb word was meant to be a troll. And a reply to a friend to whom she was talking to. The tweet is down now, and her account is banned. However, she still thinks that was the best response via a tweet that she could make.

Let me tell you, dear, whatever point you were trying to make it was not even the right answer. And the best word is far far away from this.

There was even a Reddit post with hundreds of up votes that was saying that she tried to blow up a school in New York city.

Macaiyla says writing such thing wouldn’t make any sense and I live just three hours away from New York City.

I have seen her all the videos, and I am sure that she didn’t mean anything written in that tweet. The girl adores children.

Macaiyla’s Feud With Greekgodx

To cut this long story short, I’ll try to explain in as fewer words as I can. Greekgodx and Tyler1 are good friends, and Macaiyla also became a good friend of Greek later on. Now if Greek while streaming would say M’s(Macaiyla) name or say anything about her.

For example, he said, “M’s like a fatass mothrf**ker.” Viewers of Greek would actually believe the words and DM Macaiyla saying rude and mean stuff. She understood Greek didn’t actually mean those words, but she got tired of people messaging her mean things.

So, she asked Greek multiple times to stop calling her name while streaming, but he just wouldn’t stop. So she got angry, and on Tyler1’s stream, she said that she wishes Greek should die. And Greek was connected with Tyler1 at that moment.

He got angry and reacted badly. Later on Macaiyla, Tyler1 and Greek had a 30 minutes discussion on the topic. They cleared the misunderstanding, and now everything is fine between them.

To know more details about this situation, kindly keep reading or watch this video.

YouTube Channel of Macaiyla: Tyler1′ Girlfriend

So many bad things happened in Macaiyla and Tyler1’s lives that she felt the need to explain things to the world. And that thing led her to start her YouTube channel. Till now she has nine videos. Videos include vlogs, explanation of her situations and much more stuff about Tyler1’s girlfriend.

She would like to have three kids in the future, most five. She said pretty nice things about kids.

Like, kids are my life. I would die for children, and I love them, they just make me happy and watching them grow up is such an incredible thing to me. 

“I practically raised two kids sort of by herself, her aunt had a child, and her boyfriend had to go to work instantly, and she had to kind of work within the month. So I watched her son for few months, and it was a great experience. I love kids.”

In her first vlog, she said I’ll be lucky if I hit 5k subs and now she has 24k subs. 

She really appreciates the fact that she got the support of the people and she expressed it cutely in her video. I have captured her cuteness in the gif below.


In her last vlog, she said that there are a lot of upcoming videos for the subscribers, but it’s been two months, and she has not uploaded any video.

Macaiyla Talks About Losing Her Virginity

She finds it awkward to talk, but there she talked about it. She lost her virginity two weeks before she turned 17. People would ask anything literally, but instead of ignoring this question she replied it in her q&a video.

Relationships of Macaiyla

She’s only been with two guys in her life, and both were long-term relationships.

Tyler and her ex before Tyler1. She was with that guy for 11 years before being with tyler1.

And she’s just been with Tyler1 for six months. Those are the only two people she has gotten with.

She had five boyfriends before high school, and it was nothing serious they were just kids and never touched each other. It was just hugging, and one or two may have kissed. Macaiyla says she doesn’t f*ck around and play horny or anything like that.

Macaiyla: The Combination of Toxic Mouth And a Kind Heart

Macaiyla Sexy Selfie

She’s the kind of girl who loves to utter profanity. Her favorite word is f*ck, and she must be speaking it hundreds of times every day. But she carries a kind and gentle heart that love kids and wants to help the less privileged people around the world.

She loves donating and helping charities and foundations. She donates to a charity every year called Equinox. Where during Thanksgiving, you have the option to waking up early in the morning and delivering food to the homeless, and it’s something that Macaiyla have done for the past six years now.

She now wakes up around 3:30 am.

Her family also helps a lot of dog charities and Macaiyla go to them and assist them with the food or just collecting money or whatever they need help with.

Macaiyla’s Education and Views on Her Career

In her vlogs, she has talked about the importance of her career and education. She wanted to study in law and because she loves the subject. She’s a city person and only living with Tyler1 because she loves him and trying to support him.

So for the first year, she is going to attend the online classes, and next year she’ll go to the university.

She literally thinks that her career and life is more important than just being with Tyler, she says if he moves with her then quite good after a year. Otherwise, she doesn’t know; anything could happen.

Macaiyla says you can do only so much for someone and be there for them.

After uploading few vlogs she posted a random video titled ‘Hi? I guess’. In which she told her audience that she finally joined the online classes for one year.

She started college in the fall, she has chosen her classes, and Macaiyla’s not going to university for a year, she will be taking online classes and staying with Tyler1 for a year.

Maybe try to go to the uni next year.

She wants to do criminal justice, or she intends to go to law school one day, but she’s going to take classes right now for criminal justice and something to do with being a divorce attorney. Because she’s really into marriage counseling and that type of thing.

Quick Things To Know About Tyler1’s Girlfriend

She got improved, she stays happy now she’s really happy.

She needs to fix her chin.

She gets a lot of dick pics, and she believes it’s the stupidest sh*t that someone could ever send anyone. (Guys, please stop doing that, it’s not attractive or cool.)

Macaiyla has made her own Reddit, anyone can ask her questions there, and she will reply.

Macaiyla has six piercings, and she had nose piercing since 15 or 16, and she has three tattoos.

She has become a positive person after her explanation video.

Macaiyla’s birthday is on August 21st.

Greek’s girlfriend is friends with Macaiyla, and she also gifted her a soft toy.

Macaiyla Soft Toy

You can watch all of her videos on her channel, which is named Macaiyla. Follow her on Instagram but please don’t follow her for Tyler1, follow her for her. You can also add her on Snapchat.

There it is guys, do share your thoughts about Macaiyla in the comments below.

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