Manuela Escobar Daughter of Pablo

Manuela Escobar: Know Everything About Pablo Escobar’s Daughter

Pablo Escobar’s daughter Manuela Escobar was very dear to her father. Escobar fulfilled or at least tried to fulfill every single wish of his children while he was alive. He wasn’t even afraid of getting them spoiled.

Escobar was responsible for the 80% availability of cocaine in the United States. The drug lord made an enormous amount of money than any other person has ever made. Manuela Escobar and Juan Escobar are two children of Pablo Escobar and Maria Victoria Henao.

Manuela was born in 1984, the date and month are unknown so we can assume that Manuela’s age must be 33 by now.

It’s known that Escobar and Manuela were inseparable until the drug lord was executed while he was on the run. There are few stories of Escobar’s love for his children, especially Manuela and about the things he would do to make them happy or feel special.

Escobar Burned $2 Million For Manuela

Escobar Burned Money for Manuela

It’s been known that once Escobar and his family were hiding in the Medellin mountainside. Manuela, unfortunately, got sick and her body was getting cold, losing heat. When Escobar didn’t find anything to burn or create heat he did something no ordinary man can do. 

To save his sweet little daughter from hypothermia, the drug lord burned dollar bills worth of $2 million. 

I guess when you have so much money that you can’t even count, this thing doesn’t matter. As documented in Narcos, Pablo Escobar had a mind of an evil genius, but still, a genius is a genius after all. And people with this unique quality don’t care about money much because they always have a lot of it or know the ways to get it.

Manuela Escobar: The Value of Her Eyes

Once Manuela asked her father Pablo Escobar that ‘how much is a billion dollar?’. It’s known that his reply was this, “The value of your eyes, my princess.”

I believe Escobar just told this to Manuela to give her an estimate. Now think about this for a moment, If anyone would have offered Pablo Escobar a billion dollar and asked him to give the eyes of his daughter in return, would Escobar have agreed?

No way in seven hells, he would have poked the eyes of the person who would have made such a dumb offer to Escobar.

His love for his dear daughter Manuela was enormous, out of the world and beyond comparison.

Escobar Kept His Promise to Manuela

Mistress of Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar was not faithful to his wife, Maria Victoria Henao. The guy had a lot of mistresses in his life. It was evident that any one of them could have been pregnant.

And there was one carrying the baby of Escobar in her belly. But he told the mistress to abort the baby, and she did.

The reason behind this was a promise he made to Manuela. Escobar promised his dear daughter Manuela that she will be the last child of his line.

Manuela Wished For a Unicorn and Escobar Tried To Deliver One

Manuela Asked For A Unicorn

This little real story again shows how keen was Escobar to fulfill the wishes of his daughter. That he would go to any extent and try his best to make the wishes of Manuela a reality.

Manuela once asked Pablo to get a unicorn. Escobar found a cone a stapled it on the head of a horse. He also stapled fake wings on the back of the horse. Eventually, the poor horse got infected and died.

What a lovely evil was, the Pablo Escobar.

Current Whereabouts of Manuela Escobar

After the death of Pablo Escobar, his family members departed from Columbia. Juan, Manuela, and Maria tried to find shelter in various countries including, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, South Africa and Mozambique. But everyone refused to let them enter. 

Finally, the Escobar family found shelter in Argentina. The Columbian government seized the property and wealth of Pablo Escobar.

Juan changed his name to Sebastián Marroquín, and currently, he’s living his life as an architect. He also tried to help the victims of his father. Sebastián also wrote a book called Sins of My Father.

And Manuela reportedly changed her name to Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos. She lays quite low and avoids the media. So there is no information about her whereabouts anywhere online.

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