Marjorie Harvey

Marjorie Harvey: The Untold Truth About The Fashionista Lady

Marjorie Harvey is known as the lovely wife of television host and personality Steve Harvey. She was born in the United States on October 10, 1974, as Marjorie Bridges. Her sun sign is Libra. 

She has over 1.6 million followers on Instagram. She married Steve in June 2007. She has a thing for fashion and created a fashion blog named The Lady Loves Couture.

By profession, she is a fashion designer and now an entrepreneur. Here you will gain a lot of important knowledge about the beautiful and fashionable lady.

Marjorie’ Fashion Blog

Marjorie Harvey Fashion Blog

She runs a fashion blog on the website named, Marjorie Harvey has a huge interest in fashion, lifestyle and apparels.

According to her blog, she has a natural eye for beauty, glamour, elegance and style. An average number of published posts on her blog are 5-7 in a week. She has often been invited to attend Paris and Milan’s Fashion Weeks.

She also sells handbags and luxury clothing on her website. You can visit the blog by clicking here.

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Marjorie Harvey and Steve’s Children


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She has three children from a previous relationship and their named are Morgan, Jason and Lori.

She became the mother of seven children, after becoming Steve’s wife. Three kids are from the first marriage of Steve and one from his second marriage.

Kids of Steve are, twin daughters Karli and Brandi and a son Broderick Steve Jr. from his first marriage. Wynton is the child from Steve’s second marriage.

And she has proudly written the following in her Instagram profile’s bio: Marjorie Harvey Mother of 7 ????. Wife to the One and Only Steve Harvey? ?.

She often publishes the images of her children and other happy moments of her life on her Instagram.

Marjorie Harvey’ Life Before and After Marrying to Steve



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Her personal life was not stable before she became the wife of Steve Harvey. This marriage is her third marriage.

Her first two marriages were with the convicts. Marrying those men were the biggest mistakes of her life. But maybe she didn’t have a choice at that time or she could be in love. The reasons are unknown.

Her first husband, who is a drug dealer and criminal is in prison right now. He was sentenced to prison for the life because of his criminal activities.

Then she was married to the infamous Darnell Woods from the Woods brother. The guy is also known as a drug dealer.

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Her marriage with Darnell was over sooner than she could have imagined. Afterwards, finally, she met the man of her dreams, the one and only Steve Harvey.

Marjorie and Steve dated for several years and finally, she became his wife in June 2007 after marrying him in Maui.

And from her Instagram images, we can see that she is very happy right now and be having the best time of her life. She has raised more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

After having such hard time in her life, she’s finally living the life of her dreams.

Marjorie’ Instagram Account and It’s Growth

Marjorie Harvey Fashion

Marjorie Harvey’ Instagram account has 1.6 million followers. But in September 2015 Marjorie’s Instagram followers were near about 550k. That’s the one-third of her current followers.

But still, 500k is a lot of followers. She got her initial followers because of her current husband. But the real growth started around May 2016, when she hit a million subscribers.

Currently, she publishes around 60 Instagram posts every 30 days and gains around 7,000 followers within that time period.

She has total 2,001 pictures uploaded on her profile till now. I wouldn’t call it exponential growth, but for a fashion blogger that publish between 5-7 posts every week. It’s a decent growth.

Steve Harvey’ Instagram has 3.6 million followers. If we compare the accounts of husband and wife, Marjorie is almost halfway there.

Her Net Worth

The net worth of Marjorie is not known publicly. We know that she stands by her husband no matter what. She runs a fashion blog and has more than 1.5 million Instagram followers.

She earns a decent amount of money by selling handbags and luxury clothing on her blog.

But Steve is for sure one of the richest comedians alive. He holds the net worth of $140 million.

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