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Matt Meets his fate

Matt Hosseinzadeh a.k.a. Matt hoss, also known as Bold Guy is a YouTuber and Antagonist.

Not much personal information is available on Matt Hoss in spite of being quite famous on YouTube. Still, this is our attempt to let you know everything there is to know about this guy.

According to his Twitter account, he was born in 1977 which makes Matt Hosseinzadeh’s age approximately 40 and he resides in California.

Compra hoy en

Hoss is a YouTube vlogger, who started his channel on July 11, 2011, and currently has over 170,450 subscribers.

According to his channel’s page, he makes “Vlogs and original comedy, action, horror, and fantasy short films, with electronic dance music.”

He landed himself in a hot soup when he filed a suit against two other YouTubers mocking him and for copyright infringement.

Want to know more about this mockery battle?? Well, be glued on for more interesting details.

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Matt Hoss Zone

Matt Hoss Zone - h3h3 YouTuber

Hoss a ” Pick-Up Artist ” Comedian.

Born on 11, 2011, he managed to amass over 170,450 magnetizing followers as his audience with his vlogs.

He was one of the few to actually be a threat towards Ethan and Hila, having attempted to sue them for making a reaction video of his video.

Matt Hoss, this attention gobbler Comedian becomes an easy prey for mockery.

The parkour-loving comedian runs a YouTube channel full of misogynistic videos.

Accordingly to the channel “a comedy series about a confident and funny man who picks up women, beds them, and gets into all sorts of crazy trouble.”

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Hoss has a website where he posts his short films from YouTube, as well as some behind the scenes videos.

Tweets of “The Bold Guy” Matt Hoss

Parkour, comedy and an unhealthy amount of narcissism. Certainly, that’s quite boisterous of him.

One of his tweets also shows how “loving” he is

The twitter account of Matt Hoss shouts his personality, it reads

Is he having some kind of inverted superiority complex? I guess it seems that he needs affirmation from his Google Home Assistant also.

Sounds desperate to get attention.

Matt’ Brush with Stardom

Let’s have a look at one his parkour videos.

One thing can be definitely said about this video this self-proclaimed “the bold guy ” has commendable parkour skills.

In fact, I felt this particular act of emotions or whatever u can term this, a hilarious show. There was nothing sexy about this whole thing, more of a cat and a mouse chase.

But again the viewers seemed to be intrigued by him, as more than 11 million people watched this video.

Adler Weber, one of the viewer, remarked: ” This is just an excuse to make a free running video.”

Most of the viewers disliked the video and many of them also said that it is utter wastage of time.
Another of them added, “They had such a disgusting conversation, wtf…”.
It could be one of the most disliked videos on his channel, I must say, ironically it’s having more than a decent viewership.
Well, that’s the magical power of “The Bold Guy” with extraordinary parkour skills, I can’t say more about his other extraordinary skills though.

Matt’s Lawsuit Against H3H3

The video which I just presented above raised more controversies than likings actually.

It became a cause of slap fight between two YouTube channels.

Hoss sued Ethan and Hila creators of the H3H3 channel for making a reaction video and mocking of his Bold Guy vs Parkour Girl.

Hoss sued H3H3 believing that they committed copyright infringement, breaking the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and defamed him.

Unfortunately, this Vblogger lost his legal battle to the H3H3 channel owners.

In the summary issued by the judge, Forrest explained that the Kleins did not break any copyright laws.

“Because the Klein video does not ‘offer a substitute for the original,’ it does not (and indeed, cannot) ‘usurp a market that properly belongs to the copyright holder.’”

H3H3 posted a video about the case, thanking fans for being at their side, and re-posted the previously taken down reaction video to Hoss’ “Bold Guy vs Parkour Girl.

The Kleins received over $150,000 in donations toward their legal fees from other YouTube stars and supporters.

Matt Hoss is now almost inactive after the lawsuit decision. His Twitter account has not been updated since August 23, 2017.

His YouTube channel, Matt Hoss Zone, has not had an upload since January 6, 2017.

It seems “the bold guy ” is not so bold anymore? Isn’t It?

Written by Pankaj Sharma

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