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Matthew McConaughey Movies That Are Grabbing Eyeballs

Long gone are the days when Matthew McConaughey had to search for roles in the industry, now it seems like anything he touches turns to gold. The “Ghost of the Girlfriends Past” hit maker is not off to make his name in the Hollywood and has come a long way ever since. 
Here are the five best movies he acted into looking back on his journey.

5. Dazed and Confused (1993)

With his debut film, Matthew McConaughey was able to mark his talent in the Hollywood. Matthew McConaughey plays David Wooderson in this film by Richard Linklater which is a genre defining stoner comedy. He plays a role of the guy in his twenties who won’t stop chilling out with his old high school smoking weed and cruising for girls. Wooderson is perpetually spaced out and doesn’t seem to have much time for his career.

4. Contact (1997)

A Robert Zemeckis directed sci-fi drama where Matthew plays a role opposite to Jodie Foster as a fellow scientist and love interest. His character, Palmer Joss having the greatest dilemma: whether to let his love go into the time travelling machine to examine extraterrestrial creatures or to keep her with himself selfishly. This is undeniably one of his best work in his all successful movies.

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3. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)

In this laughable 2003 rom-com, magazine writer Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) writes an article on how to lose a guy or get a guy to dump her in 10 days, just as good time Benjamin Barry (McConaughey) bets that he can make any woman fall for him at the same time.

2. The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)

Based on the novel named same as the movie written by Michael Connolly, Matthew McConaughey comfortably steps into the role of famous lawyer Mickey Haller with an impressive swagger that only he could pull off. The lawyer’s charm is rattled after he takes on an abuse case that slowly begins to match with the crime that has happened long before; McConaughey comes alive. Indeed, one of the most classic movies ever!!

1. Interstellar (2014)

Bold, theatrical the movie ‘Interstellar’ is a blockbuster with brains and big old heart. “Interstellar” demanded viewers embrace the logics of science, the spirit behind the movie making, and McConaughey was there to make sure that we did.

We hope you loved the list like the way you love Matthew McConaughey‘s movies.

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