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Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss is Giving Us a Complex!

Melissa McCarthy’s weight loss in recent weeks has all of us wishing she could reveal her daily regime! To those of you who don’t know about Mrs McCarthy, not only is she known for her hilarious roles and acting skills but also has her clothing line for plus-sized women called Seven7!

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Melissa McCarthy was spotted wearing a flattering black and yellow peplum top along with a fitted skirt. It seemed to suit her really well. Well, thanks to her weight loss.

When people asked about her awesome weight loss secrets back in 2015, the comedian answered honestly saying that she completely stopped worrying about her size and looks. When she loosened up and stopped caring is when she looked her best and could see visible results.

She also added that following a ‘boring lifestyle’ helped her too. She started going to bed by 7:30 PM and getting the right kind of sleep at the right time and following a daily routine helped her getting into the beautiful shape.

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The Heat actor’s experience being addressed as ‘plus-sized’ is what drove her to start her own clothing line called Seven7. They are meant for women sized 14 and above. She aspires to make clothing that makes customers feel comfortable and good in their own skin.

She has said that being comfortable is what makes her lead a happier life. When she is happy and comfortable in her clothes is when she feels liberated, less pushy, more at ease, patient, etc. So she combined the two qualities and started equating comfort with happiness. This woman is teaching us so many lessons! You go Melissa!

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She was of the opinion that after having kids, it would be super difficult to lose weight or to feel sexy ever again. It was a long process, but she finally managed to accept her body the way it was. It sounds like Melissa should write a book soon, inspiring millions of women all around the world who find it so difficult to love their bodies especially post-pregnancies.

Most recently, Melissa McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone, have produced the new comedy show titled ‘Nobodies’ that premiered just yesterday on Television. We wish her the best of luck!

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