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Meryl Streep Movies That Are Worth Watching, We Love Her

The strata of acting talent go as the good one, the very best one, the great one and then comes Meryl Streep. Born in New Jersey in the 70s, she has leapfrogged against anyone’s expectations. With 19 Academy Award nominations and 14 Oscars for her movies, she has definitely impressed everyone with her incredible power, ridiculous range and an uncanny knack for accents. She is immune to celebrity gossips, lives a quiet life outside of Hollywood, and accepts small roles with generosity and magnanimity. Overall, she is the Grand Dame of Hollywood.

Here, we bring to you the top 5 roles in the movies played by Meryl Streep:

1. Deer Hunter

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In the movie, she plays the role of Linda, a woman who unassumingly stood between two war buddies. The opening wedding ceremony in the movie showed Streep’s natural and breathtaking beauty. The tiny role in the most psychologically intense Vietnam movie ever turned out to be one hell of an entrance for the actress.

2. Kramer Vs Kramer

This is one of her brilliant movies that bagged her first Oscar. Even though her total screen minutes are very less and she plays a mother who abandons her child, she, somehow, managed to break your heart and represented a clarion call for women’s issues.
This movie made Streep’s reputation to tug at the heartstrings in the final moments of the film that could make boot camp instructors cry like little babies.

3. Sophie’s Choice

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The barbarism and depravity in the climactic scene in the movie, “I can’t choose!”, is so ineradicable that the title of the movie became a byword for a grotesquely unfair dilemma. This one of her acclaimed movies earned Streep her second Oscar. Meryl Streep’ attachment in the role can be felt in every word, glance, stunted sigh, and quivering lips. It is definitely one of the greatest screen performances of the 20th century.

4. Adaptation

The movie gave Meryl Streep a major supporting turn in her career. Though the movie is mostly remembered for its brilliant screenplay, the career-best role of Nicholas Cage, and Chris Cooper, amongst this absurdist reality lays Streep’s exquisite and unassuming portrayal of Susan Orlean. Meryl Streep has this great ability to convey so much in a single shift in expression.

5. Out of Africa

The Epic romance of the story, with lacklustre direction and eye-rolling dialogue, managed to get a somewhat controversial Best Picture title. The stoic and robust portrayal by Streep gave her yet another entry into her canon of the stunning and posed portrait. In the movie, she had another spot-on accent and aloofness of the Scandinavian baroness.

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