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Morgan Freeman in the Nat Geo Greenlights “The Story Of Us With Morgan Freeman”

National Geographic has decided to greenlight a new series called “The Story of Us With Morgan Freeman.” Freeman’s Revelations Entertainment, which has produced the NatGeo series “The Story of God With Morgan Freeman,” in the past, will be producing this series, as well. In this expansion of the earlier series, Freeman will again take the audience on a global journey to meet with people from all cultural backgrounds whose lives are transformed in the remarkable ways by different fundamental forces, this time exploring themes that unite us all. Every one of the six hour-long episodes will explore a single principal force or topic, including belief, love, power, war and peace, rebellion and freedom. The series is set to premiere in the Fall of 2017.

“I’ve been given the incredible opportunity to take viewers on a new global journey to understand how human culture has taken on so many remarkable forms,” said Morgan Freeman, co-founder of Revelations Entertainment with Lori McCreary. “We’re exploring how primal forces, such as love, has shaped the human culture around the world and where it will take us in the future.”

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McCreary James Younger and Freeman will exclusively produce under the name of Revelations Entertainment. The executive producer for National Geographic, is Betsy Forhan, while Kevin Tao Mohs is vice president of development and production for the network. Tim Pastore is the president of original programming and production.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Revelations Entertainment once again on a refreshing new take on our successful series franchise,” Pastore said. “It is no surprise that our global audience has warmly embraced Morgan Freeman as part of the National Geographic family. The beauty of this franchise is that Morgan represents all of us on his personal quest to understand these topics.”

The news about Freeman’s new project with the network came less than a week before the premiere of “Genius,” a ten-part scripted series about Albert Einstein’s life. Geoffrey Rush portrays the famed physicist in bio-drama based on the biography by Walter Isaacson, “Einstein: His Life and Universe.”.

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