My Reply to Tyler1 on The Macaiyla’s Article Reaction of Tyler1

Hi guys, A couple of months ago I wrote an article about Macaiyla, the girlfriend of famous streamer Tyler1.
I simply wrote the article because around 12,000 people search for the name Macaiyla every month on Google.

I was targeting people with the lower number of searches just like Macaiyla.

Macaiyla actually read the article and Tyler1 decided to read it during the live stream. His response was funny, angry and genuine.

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In this article, I am going to reply to some of his comments that he made about the last article I wrote.

Let’s begin. I am referencing the time in the following video. I advise you to watch the video at the time stamps I mentioned and read the article afterwards.

Tyler1 at 1:48: This dude is sucking on your titties, harder than I ever have. … Basically.

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My Reply: Hey T1, I just explained her best qualities (as I observed from her videos) and as she’s going to study further, I believe she can do great in her future. It wasn’t a try to hit on your girlfriend, here are the reasons why:
1st She’s already committed.
The 2nd reason, she is good looking but really not my type of girl.

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Tyler1 at 2:07: Dude wtf are you on about? (to Macaiyla) You are lucky to have me, Bitch*. I’m alpha as f*ck.

My Reply: Ok you are an alpha male in your zone, and Macaiyla is your gf. But why would you have to call a girl bitch to prove your point?! That’s just doesn’t feel right. Have some respect towards the girl you are in a relationship with.

Tyler1 at 2:28: This guy is all over your Instagram you can tell.

My Reply: Yes, I saw her Instagram account, but just to embed some images of Macaiyla in the article, nothing more than that.

Tyler1 at 3:55: That’s fuc*ing bullshit. [email protected]#5^Y&**&**

My Reply: I watched your stream and you were abusing your competitor after losing a game. That’s why I wrote that. You may not act like that anymore, but you did on the day I watched your stream. But the way you got angry after reading what I wrote, made me laugh. hahaha. No need to get abusive dude.

Tyler1 at 4:57: Yes, I am superior, There’s a reason you are working 9 to 5 job buddy and I am not. Cause, I’m better than you!

My Reply: Well, you definitely have some talent in gaming but you are no superior to anybody. Everyone has the ability to do something better than you in some field. And about 9 to 5 job, For your information, I am an Entrepreneur, I own this website (I am going to sell it in few days), I provide premium online services at KingPanks.co. And I’m damn good at what I do.
So you must be good at gaming than me, but there are so many other qualities I have where you don’t stand a chance comparing with me.

Tyler1 at 6:20: Wait, How did he get this info?

My Reply: I dig deep in her videos to get the information for that article. Later on, she deleted those videos.

Tyler1 at 7:31: Sucks your d*ck some more, sucks your some more

My Reply: Again, I was writing her qualities that I think she has. No need to get weird or use absurd language, She’s not my type of girl.

Tyler1 at 7:52: Shut the F*ck up

My Reply: Hey dude, I just write the information that she provided in her videos.

Tyler1 at 8:00: How does he know that you had 5 boyfriends in high school?

My Reply: She told this in one of her videos that were on YouTube.

Tyerl1 at 9:02: This seemed almost like an interview like he came and interviewed this guy. How does he know all this?

My Reply: Well, like I told you, I am damn good at what I do. I did some research.

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